Movie INSIDE MAN Unusual error

I have the latest versions on ANYDVD & CLONEDVD 2 but i keep getting this error: NavigationPack 6 615 7 4 VOBU 4 615 7 Clone 6 TCE. Can anyone help. Thanx 4 any advice in advance : :confused:

Do you really have the latest version of clonedvd ( This version should solve the navigation pack error. This version came out just a few days ago.

I tried with the older then i downloaded the new and it still gave me the same thing. That is when i started the thread do you think i should download the version again and try it all over again. I have 2 dvd burners one generic and one a memorex which is the master and the generic is the slave. My memorex drive won’t read dvds nomore. I think that it is burnt out. Maybe once in every 20 dvds it will read. My anydvd says its there but when i put a dvd in it my anydvd shows that it is empty. So for the past 2 months i’ve been using the generic one. It burns other dvds with no problem but some movies i have problems with like WHEN A STRANGER CALLS, INSIDE MAN and HOSTEL. What do u think I should do? :confused:

Try the new anydvd

I Am Getting The Same Navigation Error On The Fild “rv” I Have Also Tried Ripping The Dvd To Hardrive And That Did Not Work, Help!

I’ve also been having trouble burning Inside Man, however I’m using AnyDVD and Shrink. Any suggestions?

RipIt4Me does a great job with this movie. It’s free. Just follow the installation guide.