Movie industry wins legal victory with digital anti-piracy measure

I just posted the article Movie industry wins legal victory with digital anti-piracy measure.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that due to successful lobbying efforts by the movie industry, the new broadcast flag law has passed 5 to 0 by the FCC. This law…

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So… What does this mean to all of us?

It means that if you have a DVD recorder or set top box that you may have to buy another in order to record HDTV to a DVD-Ram. Also If you record on a new DVD flag capable device it won’t work elsewhere. The troublesome aspect for many is that this legislation-designed by the movie industry- has mandated to hardware manufacturers how to build their equipment. Some feel it is a disturbing trend.
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Well, “to protect freely tv” is a PURE bull! Why to “protect” someone to record and give it away (internet, personal friends, etc) if it meant to be free anyway ? I think because they fear ppl record some MOVIE on free air tv and send this digitally and great quality copy over the internet and to his friends (and if this ppl had this Great Quality Digitally copied movie they fear this ppl won’t buy the DVD - or whatever - for this movie!) Same principle on Music shows… Same thing with tv shows (talkshow, whatever) and sports events. The big corporations that runs freely air tv, in my opinion, are thinking of SELLS his shows and events, latelly, on DVD - or whatever - and if u don’t copy it or don’t get it for free from anybody elese or internet could buy his stuff… This ppl don’t fools me anymore… It’s all about money$, NOT protect free tv air to continuing to be free (since the advertiser and commercials that pays this industry). And another BAD think (that i said before) and what will happend if you DVR will broken in the future and don’t compensate fix it, we will have a LOT of useless (not working) back-ups (dvd’s) ? Yeah, since ur backup will only work on ur equipament id and if u had a lot of tv shows or whatever recorded (on dvd - using the DVR that have dvd record capacilities too), what’s will happend if ur equipament will broke in the future ? Well, i see, u had to pick up some program on the net (crack) that hacker UR dvd to re-record to the new one (to the new equipament id)… Jr [removed swear words]
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Well when broadcast equipment starts coming out everyone should boycott it and not buy it, and tell everyone they know not to buy it, and get it through the FCC’s head that we don’t want our equipment taking orders from someone else. Besides it’ll be hacked anyway. The problem here is not piracy. The problem is that the Government and corporations think they should be able to control how the products we buy work. I think it’s very wrong and immoral to try to take control of someone else’s computer, DVD player, TiVO or whatever. What’s the difference between the FCC passing a regulation that all computers must do something against the users will or installing a virus on your computer that makes your computer do something against your will. It’s the same thing. Either way you look at it, it’s someone you don’t know taking control of the stuff you own. I think people have a right to record something and watch it later, or in a different place. And it won’t stop here. Soon all our technology will be controlled by the Government unless it something is done.
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