Movie industry loses DeCSS ruling - new lawsuit possible

I just posted the article Movie industry loses DeCSS ruling - new lawsuit possible.

Aztechya and jsl used our newssubmit to tell us that the movie industry has lost a lawsuit that should have convicted Matthew Pavlovich for posting code on the internet that could circumvent the…

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:r FREE Matthew Pavlovich NOW…your crazy bastard… :r

i wonder why they want him in california so badly. i guess it’s a case of texas vs. cal.:r

tehy want to try him in CA because tehy have better laws more sympathetic to the movie studios needs/wants.

FUCK the lawsuits against Matthew Pavlovich!!! Is’nt it just horribly awful that a software like this would have to battle legal troubles. Why don’t guns have legal troubles. We ban software to save companies money, but we don’t ban guns to save people’s lives. It just shows what a fucked up legislation the USA has.

they have been taking lawsuits against him for years now in the end they will gain nothing ps. what happend to tron the writer of smart ripper has he left the planet;)

I feel real sorry for Matthew Pavlovich. They are going to sue him till he dies. I think the entire ordeal is bullshit. I hope the Matt wins out in the end and nails them with a nice countersuit of some sort and takes home a cpl million :slight_smile: That would be the true new America, where the people fuck big corporations as much as possible with lawsuits, since the corporations fuck us as hard as they can every single fucking day. I love my country :r

Banning guns would make things worse…since those that use guns to kill don’t exactly follow the law, and would have guns anyways.

Politicians make laws, and we change them if we can become one. If you guys hate the laws so much, maybe you should decide to major in law, and politics. And vote for the right laws during every election, etc. This is to help to make our lives better… by perform actions…

Overly optimistic aren’t we…

Nice country the US, if the verdict does not please you, you still have 51 other states to get your right …:frowning:

i voted for them, howcome they don’t vote for me?