Movie industry declares war against file sharing!

Feed a hungry man today and you’ll have to feed him for the rest of his life; let him starve to death and… problem solved!:d

There are indeed taxes on media, but no more than on any other goods. If you’re talking about the media levy that’s applied in some countries, it’s not a tax. Taxes, by definition, are collected by governments to fund public services. The levy is collected by government, but none of it goes into government coffers to fund public services. You and I get no benefit from it. All of it goes to the music industry. It’s not a tax. It’s a fine for crimes you may or may not have commited.

Hello Videopla, welcome cheers as you just registered today and congratulations to you, as you put on a piece of opinion that caused a lot of reaction. I probably fall off your concept of people around, whatever you mean by “Y” and/or “WHY generation”, because what I get now comes after a long time on earth and I never (yes, if you by chance come back to the “crime scene”, I really mean NEVER) made a download of a MP3 file nor a DVD movie. Reasons:(1) I don’t listen to music using the PC and (2) I do prefer to go to the cinema. As easy as that. Why? (1) on a good system, Mp3 has not the quality I like (2) even if I would like to download a movie (and that’s not the case), my modem connection would keep me waiting for ages and the telephone bill would be as high as buying a legal copy. But that’s not the point driving me to answer you. You said we should blame the artists wages: what a funny opinion from an business man. Don’t you know it is part of the business model? Generating stars, with all the money, clothes, cars, boats, planes, etc., is part of it and moves a lot of interests around the industry, from magazines, clothes to the movie itself: you go to watch the STAR and forget about thr CRAP. Than you have the industry public opinion startegies: from the news about court decisions to the reported losses. It was said they make estimates, based “on” -you tell me - from the peak level of sales. Just a few time ago, DVD was said to be the fastest growing media market ever…now they report losses based on growth expectations and blame piracy. But the real pirates are not the downloaders, those ones use press equipment and sell films by the thousands. What is the criteria to say that a downloader has to pay $150000? If it was the “uploader” and they had a number of distributed copies we could have an idea about the cause loss, but a “downloader”? To end, the reason I came in is more the CD copy as I never made a copy of a DVD. We can copy a CD to listen in the car, my local law allows it if I own the disc, and when I buy the blanks there is a tax on it for the purpose. So, why shall the record company prevent me for doing that? And don’t forget that only the average buyer has problems to bypass to limitation? After all, I didn’t talk about P2P. But I would like to ask your opinion about your own business: What do you think about your customers reaction if you start charging them Xtimes (you can chose the X, from 2 to infinity…) the value of your services/goods and/or if you sell them poor quality goods and charge premium prices? As a business man you shall know, unless you are in a position that allows me to ask you: what movie company do you work for?

Tissues Tissues…get ya tissues here !!! never put in a dodgy tax return Videola?, fiddled the claims??.. AND BTW “no names” in movies do quite well…Ahh LOTR Trilogy comes to mind…:X

£6 isn’t exactly a lot of money to see a film. it’s £5 at our local 11 screen :slight_smile:

If £6 is nothing then send it my way. I say they need to stop with this BS and help the world be a better place what on earth is wrong with you people there are kids dieing in the world everyday just from having no food and these twats can spend all this money on a load of bs

Fight piracy by charging less. Prisons are big business too ya know.:B