Movie industry declares war against file sharing!

They have really busted our balls!! They are plenty of millions $$$ and they still moan about piracy, intellectual property thefts, etc.!!! Goddamit, they should think to produce better films, not to sue the everyday Joe!

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 The                                                      US                                                       movie industry is not sitting back  idly when it comes to illegal movie...
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Lets face it if cinema tickets were a bit cheaper there wouldnt be a downturn at the box office but its just too expensive to take your family to the cinema anymore, so they will pay the price for overcharging people and the downturn will continue because people cant afford to spend £6 a cinema ticket.

"The US Supreme Court recently ruled that peer-to-peer file swapping networks such as Grokster may be accountable for the actions of their customers. " WHY can’t the media get this straight and tell the WHOLE side of that story??? This is at least better than half the stories I read about file sharing these days. This at least says they MAY be accountable…what it leaves out, however, and what MOST of these idiotic stories leave out, is the IF part of that. They MAY be held accountable IF it can be proven in a court of law that their INTENT was to foster copyright violations as their business model. Sorry for the tangent, but, this has been p!ssing me off lately. Articles from the NY Times and other mainstream press have been going around saying that file sharing networks have been proven to be illegal by this court ruling and it’s simply not true. Back to the topic at hand, the alleged $3.5 billion in losses is a ridiculous number they simply pulled out of their nether region. It’s the POTENTIAL loss in sales IF everyone who ever pirated a movie anywhere on the planet bought said movie at full retail price plus a bag of popcorn. And it’s completely theoretical at that. I buy all my movies, but, there was a good article a few days ago about the fact that the market is fairly saturated. Most people have bought all the movies on DVD’s they want and only buy a new movie when it comes out if it’s really compelling. Let’s face it, the movies of today rather suck compared to some of the old favorites. Once you buy all the movies you absolutely have to have on DVD, well, sales will fall. What a concept. Too bad the jerks in tinseltown don’t get that…

It’s just like the game/software industry, they started this years ago - claiming they loose billions in sales. This of course is potential sales. Most likely none of these sales would have happened in the first place, although I’m sure there is a small percentage that is a ligitimate concern. If your not selling what you download and you still get busted, I would go after them and counter sue, these people need to be stopped.

You know I would actually pay to go see a movie tf there was something more then the garbage they have been putting out for years. The reason “everyone is pirating” is cause the movies suck so bad that they should be paying US to go watch them!

I think it is time that file sharers declair war on the MPAA ,maybe start protests,stop baying there crap CDs ect…

SamuriHL hit the nail on the head, the press is letting the MPAA twist the intent of the laws and provide a free platform for their “disinformation campaign”. It’s maddening :frowning:

The more the MPAA fight the more aggressive we will be, in the sense of hacking, defacing, and etc… It will become a new revolution of cyber anarchy. It’s just a matter of time that the bubble will pop.

An interesting thing I found out about the legal system is that the jury can judge the law. I wonder if anyone willing to go to court and try getting there peers to do just that?

…people cant afford to spend £6 a cinema ticket. It’s even more now over here in the States. Average ticket price is probably $9 US. Don’t even get me going on the ridiculous popcorn pricing! :frowning:

Ranmacanada, your logic escapes me. “Everyone is pirating” because the movies are so bad. Seems to me that if the movies were so bad “Nobody would be pirating”. Actually what you are saying is that you just don’t think the price of admission to the theatre is a good value and so stealing the movie is just fine. I’ve looked in on this forum for a while now and although I don’t know any of you I can make some fairly safe observations about you. Most of you are the Y or make that the “WHY” generation. You want everything now, cheap, (free if possible) and easy. None of you is in business, otherwise you would know how hard it is to make a business successful. And you wouldn’t use P2P networks because you would realize that is stealing someones labor. Again, if it does not come to you now, cheap and easy you want nothing to do with it. You generalize to accomodate your lack of critical thinking on the issue of piracy. You think that just because a large corporation makes millions of dollars that they owe you something. Try making the millions yourself and see how selfish you become. They are that way because making millions is very difficult. I am a small businessman. I’ve worked very hard to make my business support my family. But by your logic, because my business is successful, it is fair game to be stolen from. (Now, cheap and easy) When some kid comes in my store and steals something it is the same thing as any of you stealing a song or a movie download. And just because the product happens to be controlled by a multinational corporation does not change the act. The people that are hurt by piracy are your neighbors. The electrician, the plumber, the painter. All these trades and more are represented by the movie industry in each and every film they make. Would you steal your neighbors newspaper, his lawnmower, how about his sons bike or his daughters doll? Additionally, I feel your wrath is misplaced. Why do you blame the studios when it is the “A” stars that are partially to blame for driving up the cost of pictures? Why don’t you blame Brad Pitt for his high salary? Or John Travolta? Or any of the others. Would you go to the movies if there were “no names” starring in them? No. You’d complain that they couldn’t act and why didn’t the studio get a quality actor? The fact is you just like to complain and you don’t know a hoot about how the business world works. And 790: Here is your logic (if there is any)in a nutshell. I’m breaking into your house and because I’m going to use this stolen property myself and not make any money off it, I’m gonna sue you. How stupid is that? You are still a thief even if you don’t make any money off it.

Do you think that because I’m upset that the media WRONGLY portrays a supreme court ruling against file sharing that it makes me a pirate or something? I don’t understand YOUR logic. My problem is that the MPAA spreads FUD wherever it treads, and the media laps it up. There are legitimate uses for file sharing and those have been well documented. When I see articles that quote the supreme court ruling as making all file sharing illegal and those responsible for making file sharing networks as some sort of criminal, I get p!ssed, like I said. It’s fine that hollywood wants to make money off their product. They have a right to. But as consumers, we have rights, too, and they are being trampled on DAILY in the name of fighting piracy. It’s NO different than the war on drugs. It’s an excuse to trample on people’s rights. Nothing more. Don’t be naive and believe that these tactics will stop piracy in the LEAST. The execs in hollywood know full well that the statistics they spout off about are complete and total BS. It makes a nice sound bite, though. “We’re losing BILLIONS of dollars per year due to piracy, boo hoo, boo hoo.” Yea, and box office returns are down WHY? Cause the movies SUCK and it costs too much. Why go to the movies to watch a crappy movie when you can rent it through netflix, watch it once, and never have to see it again. This is a capitalist society, and as a small business owner, you should understand the concept of business. Yea, in other words, don’t sell crappy products to your customers for astronomical prices and then expect them to keep coming back for more. They’re finding entertainment elsewhere. Yes, I will say that a LOT of piracy is occuring and that’s wrong. It IS stealing. However, don’t give me this righteous nonsense about how the studios are some great company and it’s the artists that are to blame for all our problems. RIGHT. The execs are doing SO horribly. THEY don’t get paid well. Not at all. Whatever.

I think our rights are trampled on too. Ever since they stuck DRM on a disc and made it illegal to bypass it. Trumping the consumers right to make a backup. In addition, they have used this law to drive out legitimate business such as 321 Studios. The other rip off is how some people have to pay taxes on blank media in order to compensate copyright holders, even if you use the media to burn photos from your camera, in case your hard disc fails. There’s 2 sides to every story and I am sick of hearing from the ones that have all the money.

Videopla - you, and many others on ‘that’ side of the fence have a tendency to miss a couple of crucial factors in this ‘filesharing is stealing!’ debate, most prominently that merely a fraction of all shared material would have been bought had the filesharing option not existed. Naturally it harms the business when someone downloads material for free instead of paying for it, but a vast majority of the material would never have been bought in the first place. This also makes all business calculations as to how much they lose out to filesharing more or less hogwash, as those numbers are based on files traded and in no way related to exactly how much (if any) the revenue is diminished. Some items diminish in value when they’re shared, have 50 apples and give 12 away and you’re only left with 38. If you own a car and it’s stolen, you all of a sudden don’t have a car anymore. If you watch a movie, or listen to some music, that doesn’t diminish the value of the original product, you’re not suddenly tonedeaf if some kid halfway across the globe download a couple of your tracks instead of buying a CD with them. Unless of course, that kid actually would have bought the CD had he/she not been able to download them. The personal computer business sector would never have grown as huge as it is without pirated software, lots and lots of hardware companies wouldn’t exist, and the populace in any given country would be much less computer-savvy. It’s a pity both sides have barricaded themselves behind imaginary forts instead of embracing a debate that might lead onward in a more sensible way. as for the article: “harmful to the people who use their talents to create movies” So, is he essentially saying here that it’s ok to download crappy movies, since there’s obviously no talent involved in the making of them? And who decides what movies are crappy enough? I’m confused

For years now the MPAA/RIAA are shouting that they loose reveneu’s due to piracy. But to me there are more factor’s beside piracy that causes their revenu’s to drop. 1. Their buisness-model is absolete. They have been taken over by the immense progress in computer hardware. 2. They don’t have a commercial download feature (for movie’s or audio) at a reasonable price. 3. The price’s we alle have to pay wen we buy a DVD or Audo CD and the price of a ticket at the cinema. 4. The content of a DVD or CD. It’s hard to discuss wether or not music/movie is good or not. Taste can differ, but overall I get the impression that most of what the studio’s release is crap. 5. Beside USA/China and India, in most countries of the world is a recession going on. People have less to spend and will make cutbacks. I think DVD/Audio CD’s and the cinema’s are the first victems of these cutbacks. 6. In addition to point 5, the speeds of internetconnections are going up at a tremendous rate. Downloading a CD is a matter of minutes and a DVD in several hour’s. So people will flee to blank media and P2P and burn their favorite CD or DVD themself. Even the time burnprocess is drasticly going down with the latest high-speed writers. 7. Most people have kids, does the MPAA or RIAA know what it costs to raise kids ? They will make cutbacks on everything in order to provide money for the raise of their children. And if the children still want the latest animnated movie or audio cd ? Well simple, the ask their dad to get it from the WWW and write it to blank media. 8. Strange or not but I think the high oil prices are also a factor. The car ist mostly seen as a ‘holy cow’ and need gasoline. We can all see what a barrel of oil costs these day’s and we as consumers have to pay the price at the pump. Again, they will make cutbacks to keep their cars running and maybe make cutbacks on movie’s and audio. 9. The way the MPAA/RIAA hunt down people that are downloading from the internet. It’s all over the news how they do that and what happens when people a caught. I don’t think they make themselfs very popular with it. It only makes people angry. 10. The way the pay to police/politician’s to track down illegal downloaders or get law’s passed though congress. They will do anything to hold on to their current buisness model. Instead of beeing flexible or adadept to a rapid changing world they hold on to something thats absolete. 11. Other comapies they try to influence. Like Mircrosoft (DRM) and Intel (TCPA). Do Microsoft and Intel understand that this MIGHT damage their buisness ? People will NOT buy DRM/TCPA crippled software or hardware. Strange enough (regarding TCPA) other companies that make hardware will also implement TCPA because they are afraid that Intel will use it as safety feature. They also want a ride on the TCPA-wagon because they are afraid to lose money. Put all these factor on a stack and I think you will have a reasonable explenation why sells are dropping and why potential consumers download from the WWW or P2P networks. It puzzels me why the studio’s/MPAA and RIAA refuse to see this. I can only think of one reason: The are used on getting big bucks and are afraid that a other buisness model will cost them money. To me it’s time they wander into the comsumers daily life and act on it. Create a other buisness model and stop bullying the hand that feeds them. Just my 2 cents, but for their sake, I hope they wake up soon, because if they don’t, they may wake up and see that they are dinosaurs in high-tech world. Lenco

To Videpla, I personally do not download this crap off of the p2p networks, cause those are for the everyday masses, and I do agree that a good product is worth paying for. I have a dish, and I wait till that crap comes on to my dish before I watch it, in case I get bored and need some background noise. I really can not justify the price of hte movies today, due to as you mentioned the A list actors fees, and don’t forget all those damn speciual effects they have. Now I live in Canada, and I have a legal right to back up whatever I buy, if your RIAA and MPAA are going to came after me for those legal backups, on media that I paid a levy to that was collected by the CPCC, then I either want my levy back and we call it even, or an apology to everyone in Canada for the sheer abuse of their power for double dipping. As in France where they pay an enormous levy on tehir media, and personal copying is allowed. I to have a business that I run, and if people do not see the value of your work, then they obviously do not want to pay for it. I do tech work, and you have no idea how many people feel that 80 bux an hour is too much to spend on fixing their problems. So does this mean that all these people steal my work? No, those that do not see my value, will either get some kid to do the work, or will just buy another computer, hence stealing money from my pockets, and starving my family. I personally think that any organization that buys their own laws is as corrupt as can be, and should be brought in on raceteering charges, but you won’t see this happening in the god old USA cause it seems every damn politician is on teh take from these bastards. And one word of note, in Canada, the CPCC collected more money in levies last year, then the artists made in royalty payemnts. At something like 25 cents a blank disc going to the artists, think about it, in a 100 pack of blanks cd’s the artists make more money then they do for selling 2 cd’s of the same price. So if you think about it really, buying blanks, and “bootlegging” everything, actually makes the artists more money in the long run, with levies, then the RIAA does with their handicapped hand outs of 5 cents per CD. The other option of course, is to actually release movies that people want to see. Batman Begins was a GREAT start, but of course Hollywood failed and went downhill. So I gess it is back to foreign films that actually have a story, and grab my attention.

What a load of twats they got that much money to spend on this BS load of crap when there are people dieing in the world from having no food all that money could go to them.

£6?? Where do you go to the cinema?? In London its between around £10-15 in most places!!

Hate to burst your bubble but thats less, - we’re paying nearly $11 if you manage to find his quoted £6 anywhere. In real terms in central london most people are paying around £9 so they’re paying nearly twice what you pay. I’m just glad I have a friend who’s the manager at the local cinema :slight_smile: