Movie industry after gnutella

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After napster now also Gnutella is under legal pressure. Not from the music industry but from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). They have sent hundreds of letters to major Internet…

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Just saw an @home email: *************** Letter Sent to @Home Customers ********************* We have received a complaint from MOTION PICTURE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, INC. that you are distributing copyrighted material via (Gnutella) using your @Home Network services. We are requesting that you immediately remove any files which you are distributing in violation of copyright and cease this activity within 24 hours. Please reply to this email with your assurances that these infringing activities will not continue. This behavior is in violation of the @Home Acceptable Use Policy and continuation of this activity will result in termination of your @Home services. If you would like further information about the @Home AUP, it is posted at The relevant section is quoted below. We will also mail you a hard copy of this communication. Thank you for your cooperation. The @Home Network AUP Management Team/ WARNING Before Termination RE: Unauthorized Distribution of Copyrighted Motion Pictures Site/URL: gnutella:// Reference#: xxxxxx Date of Infringement: 4/2/2001 7:30:23 PM EST Charlie’s Angels Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

That letter was sick! Do you remove your illegal files from your computer???

Hey :frowning: U should have posted the IP of the guy who had that to trade. I want to get hold of “O brother where art thou”. LOL. Stupid morons - they can send out as many letters as they want like this, it’s not gonna do that much. A drop of water in the ocean. 20 e-mails, is that it? LOL. I was expecting it to say 20 thousand or something and I had to re-read it to make sure it was just a plain old 20. What a bunch of morons!

i think this shit is wors then it looks like. I know some guyes who got ther modem canceled because of serving movies in IRC… know the are behind gnutella as well… fucking MPAA just good that their connection to european internerproviders is not thad good :wink: