Movie ind. experiences first sales/rentals fall in about 30 years

I just posted the article Movie ind. experiences first sales/rentals fall in about 30 years.

 Over a  period of almost 30 years up until 2005, the movie industry has seen a  year-on-year sales & rentals growth, with DVD sales hitting $16.3 billion  and DVD Rentals hitting $6.5...
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hmm we havent heard this before have we

I guess I must have been gone when they lowered the price of DVD’s. I have been paying $19.95 for a longggggg time at Wal-mart. And besides I think the reason for poor attendance and sales of DVD’s that the movies for the most part are crappy.:g

Im from Australia and all i can say is “ITS ABOUT F**KING TIME!!!”…:d These picture theatre companys dont have a creative bone in there body left! the same old crap constantly being trudged out to us the consumer. A society needs NEW outlets, NEW creative ideas to stimulate there minds and these losers in hollywood cant keep up. There falling behind with the times and consumer needs. They wont survive because they have no concept of the word change! MPAA/RIAA Hope u go broke!! and i aint buying nothing that aint worth it!.. Ill put it on a blank DVD cos the cost of the DVD is usually worth more than the movie anyway!! My thoughts guys… Peace…

I hope not just Disney, but more movie companies become more creative with new ideas. People don’t go to movies because of the high rate of remakes nowadays. Hope there are some good script writers out there, because all they’ve been doing lately is doing minor rehashhes on old scripts. Even the sequels are just rehashes of the first movies script. Give me something new and you might just see me walk into a theatre for I haven’t bothered to do that in years.

To the movie industry: Stop releasing crap stright to DVD (if it wasn’t good enough for the overpriced theaters, it’s certainly not good enough for me to rent or buy) and cut your prices to reasonable levels (read: half of the extortion you charge now) and maybe I’ll think about buying or renting something. Until then, sod off. Oh, and ditch the commercials you can’t fast forward through and get rid of the trite anti-piracy sermons at the start of the DVDs - that’s just frigging cheap and low class (in short, just what we’ve come to expect from Hollywood these days).
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How f-ing surprising! The whole year have been a crappy aftertaste of Jes Simpson’s little and skinny butt in Dukes of Hazzard and other such cheapness. The only movie that IMHO stand out of the grey mass was The Notebook. Sheeet, it made me cry like a baby, even though i was pretty wasted.:B And thats the ONLY one worth mentioning. Oh, i almost named Man on Fire, but that was 2004. So, go on Holly, do another round of remakes, this time on UMD and HD. Here is an option for you: stop screwing around wasting millions on super faky stars,find new talents, give people a real story. Yours, FidelC
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I thought that the Video-On-Demand services that the cable companies are offering were being looked at as the main culprit in lower DVD sales/rentals. Also, how do online rental places figure into the numbers?

In my opinion, the unskippable anti-piracy commercial are almost as bad as DRM itself. If someone wanted to pirate the movie, they are more likely to just download it from a P2P network rather than buy the thing. The commercial is not going to deter any pirate, it will just piss off the legitimate consumer.

Another interesting thing that is happening in the rental business is that some movies will not come to blockbuster because of their ‘no late fee’ policy. If you keep the movie for 7 days you buy it. So when I tried to rent land of the dead it was nowhere to be found. The clerk said that they didn’t get it in because they could make more money if they didn’t let blockbuster have it. Oh well.

But the overall home video market fell slightly, to $24.3 billion from 2004’s $24.5 billion. Boo Hoo Boo Hoo Thats nothing. Concidering Stuart Little 3 and Doctor Dolittle 3, I aint surprised. That is a very little difference concidering all the DVD Burning going on, and all the downloading. Also, Blockbuster boes not exual Keep movie 7 days you own it. Rent movie for 5 days, keep and ADDITIONAL 7 and they charge you for it. Bring it back within 30 more days and get a refund - $1.99 restocking fee. So rent a movie for almost 45 days for about $8.00 not to bad at all Especialy for video Game rentals

I can believe you were told that, because Blockbuster clerks probably don’t get the real story. However, it really doesn’t make any sense. If Land Of The Dead wholesales for say $13, Blockbuster just has to rent it 5 times at $3 a pop to make money off it. Over the shelf life of the release, they can possibly make a ton of money off a title like that. The Blockbuster “no late fee” policy just means you are billed for the retail price of the movie if you don’t return it. It basically would be the same profit if you bought it new. Blockbuster profits either way.

Exactly, Unless Blockbuster has already rented that movie out 10 times before you decide not to return it…then they made even more $$$ That story reminds me of the time I went to EB Games to pick up my preorder that they did not have. Instead of telling me that it did not come in yet, or that they sold them all before I got there…the guy told me “FedEX had to ground all their planes today, check back tomorow” LIAR, did he think I could not check the news? Or that I did not allready get a FedEX package at HOME that day.

Due to ppl downloading these movies for free, no one wants to spend a dime on the movies anymore. That is why… Admit it… :slight_smile:

Due to ppl downloading these movies for free, no one wants to spend a dime on the movies anymore. That is why… Admit it… Well thats not entirly true. The problem is theres alot of movies released laterly that are just crap. I read film reviews and ask peoples who have seen the movie if the majority say its shit and the reviews are 3 stars or less i dont bother spending my money at the cinemas but wait for the DVD rentals to come out :B