Movie Help A.s.a.p!

I Have A couple of movie files That are upside down When you play them to watch. Is there anyway to flip them back? please help me out
thanks. :a

Have the same problem. Windows media player was the culprit for me (only divx files)
So now I use nero showtime they work with it. Have considered trying a reinstall for windows media player just lazy i guess havent done it yet.

Other good and free alternatives are media player classic and VLC player. Google them to find links :slight_smile:

A creepy bug in the codecs…
Get the free & better players as suggested.

chef - If I did that could I get one of those to work with my media center remote control. I like sitting on my couch and pushing buttons on remote and watching my movies.

Uh, in this case you should search for some fixes by m$.
Especially if your system runs with BDA drivers - 've read about some fixes for BDA lately.

Good looking out !!! I played with my Codec settings and got it to work thanks alot!!!