Movie giants sue Australian ISP in landmark case

I just posted the article Movie giants sue Australian ISP in landmark case.

Australia’s third largest ISP, iiNet, faces millions in damages after seven movie houses joined forces to claim it hasn’t done enough to stop its users accessing illegal downloads.

The action,…

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ISPs provide the network infrastructure. Why should they have to be traffic police as well ? Also, if these greedy studios woke up and realized that downloadable content is the future and charging $30+ for recent DVD titles is tantamount to extortion then we might get somewhere. I doubt it though.

old news

exactly, is the owner of a toll road responsible for anyone who exceeds the speed limit on their roads?

If the movie people are going to sue iinet for downloads, are they also going to sue the manufacturers who make the DVD burners after all if make them for the purpose of copying material.
Some of the big companies who make the said item also make Films as well, can’t have it both ways.

to Armey a bit of history some time ago the same ‘MOGLES’ wanted to put a 25% levy on blank Video Tapes!