Movie freezes



i have just tried backing up my first 2 will play all the previews and freeze at the first chapter of the movie.the other one actually made it through to chapter 14 before it froze.both will play all the way through on windows media player,since dual layer media is still pricey i need help before i go broke.

sony dvd rw dru-720a (just bought yesterday)
fujifilm dvd+r dl
windows xp pro
symphonic dvd and vcr combo player

dvd shrink v3.2
dvd decrypter
nero (the latest addition)

any advice would be greatly appreciated
thanks in advance.


I’m not sure if the fuji DL is ricoh or ritek, anyways i’d use for DL media Verbatim, gives
personally to me good results, and set the booktype to Dvd-Rom to get a better
compatibility to players, at least it most depends on your player, which media it likes! :wink:


try using dvd decrypter iso read mode then iso write mode to burn the disc at 2.4x…always use dvd decrypter to back using dl discs to dl writable discs.

the fuji dl media is ricoh


so i shoulnt bother with dvd shrink on the dl? im at work right now ,but ill give dvd decrypter a try when i get home.also like the other reply stated ,should i try a different media at the same time or stick with the fuji ?

thanks for your response and info

greatly appreciated


Most people use single layer media & use DVD Shrink or similar to reduce the size to fit. Once unnecessary stuff has been removed from the movie (subtitles, various languages, menues , extras etc) then most movies are well watchable when reduced to a 4.7gb DVD.At least until dual layer media is much more affordable.

Certainly as you’re new to this you’ll find DL media very expensive when you may only be getting 1 in 5 successes. At that rate it’s cheaper buying a second copy.


Correct. Do NOT use DVDShrink, for a straight backup copy onto Dual Layer blanks.

Safest method -->
Use DVDDecrypter (last version) in ISO mode (go the MODE menu, and choose “ISO READ R”) to read the disc onto your hard drive.
Then, use DVDDecrypter (again) in ISO mode to do a burn back to the blank dual layer disc. Go back to that MODE menu, select “ISO WRITE W.” Then, navigate to the folder where the rip is, and select the file with an “MDS” extension.

The consensus still seems to be that the best dual layer blank discs are the Verbatims, followed closely by the Riteks. I have read of lots of problems with all of the others. I have burned successfully 21 Verbatims, and 8 of the Riteks. All have been “quick tested” in six DVD players. All have been played through from beginning to end in at least one of those six players. I have yet to experience any anomalies, in any of them.

By all means, try to use the remaining Fuji (unless you can return them). But, the next time you buy, look for the Verbatoms if it is dual layer you are shopping for.




Pure and simple “Bang For The Buck” - use good SL medias for your backups like Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell and you should get good burns - even though they are compressed-IMO



Apart from media…Do Not Burn Over 4x speed.

Many burn issues are resolved with either a different media type or a lower burning speed.

You may spend an extra 15 min.'s burning, but at least you will not have another coaster.



Total disagree with feedback10k here I’m afraid. If you’ve a capable system burn at the rated speed of the media.

If you look at some of the optical drive forums where they show scans excellent results are achieved at rated speed and above.

If you get coasters at the rated speed find out why as you shouldn’t.


i would stick w/ verbatim media…its rock solid.U can try Ritek but i’ve heard nuthin but bad things about it.Maybe a 3 pack is in order to test though.You can get great results w/ a single layer comrpression w/ a single layer disc as bigmike mentioned above but if u wanna get the best results w/ DL media…use this method in the pix below…Dvd Decrypter…i tried a verbatim at 4x w/ my 3520 and got pixelating and freezeups at the layer break…after that though…back up was fine…i’d stick to 2.4x…



What did you find the problem to be and how did it turn out?

Let us know.


P.S. At what speed were you successful?


still have not found the problem. i just tried what a few people suggested and i get an error. i used iso mode in decrytor to write it to my hard drive.then i used iso write mode to copy it to a dvd.this is the error i recieved. any help would be appreciated.

W 20:19:45 Failed to Write Sectors 2007808 - 2007839 - Write Error
E 20:20:30 Failed to Write Sectors 2007808 - 2007839 - Invalid Address For Write
I 20:20:30 Synchronising Cache…
I 20:20:30 Closing Track…
I 20:20:32 Finalising Disc…
E 20:21:05 Failed to Write Image!
E 20:21:05 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:22:33


What size was the ISO image ?


the iso was 7,726,912


You didn’t perhaps put a stick on CD lable? These will kill the best of blank DVDs.


no stickers or anything.that was the last of the fujifilm dvd’s that i im gonna take everbodies advice and go get some verbatims.think ill stick with single layer untill i figure out whats going on.also dont know if this makes a diff. but guys at work seem to think my processor is to slow.would like to here what you guys think.running a pent.3 833 megahertz with 256 ram on an xp pro sp2 system.
thank for your help.


Minimum system requirements: p3, 800Mhz, 128 Meg ram. You should be ok. I would defrag my hard drive before I tried again.