Movie formatting

I have ripped a few DVD movies on to my computer with DVD decrypter and have a few questions on what to do next. For one I want to know what can I use to minimize the size of the files. Also I want to know how to convert all the VTS files and audio files into one single movie file like a MPEG so that i can view them on a ipod and such. I was hoping there was a free program or something, but I do not mind buying some cheap software.

Well since youv’e ripped to HDD already use DVDShrink to compress the video…
For vob to ipod try
Or DVDFab Platinum all-in-one…lots of tools/proggys out there and depends on what your end result needs are…
ipod and such what?..

I guess the such is like a file that is easy to view on a computer. Thanks for the help, also if i wanted to burn a DVD from the original file do I need to convert it to an image file or will nero (software I have for burner) do that for me. Thanks

There are a couple of free media players that can play dvds without having to change anything about the files you ripped to the hard drive with DVDDecrypter. VLC is one and Media Player Classic is another.

There are also commercial programs available that can do this, like Nero Showtime, PowerDVD and WinDVD.

You may have to reduce the size of the dvds you have on the hard drive before they will fit onto a blank dvdr. If you have the full Nero suite, you can use Nero Recode for this. Or DVDShrink, which t0nee1 has already mentioned. Shrink is free to use, and you can get it at

Nero can burn the dvd video without having to make an image file.

By the way, DVDDecrypter is getting to be outdated as a decryption program. It cannot handle many newer movies by itself. You may want to get one that is still being updated, like DVDFab HD Decrypter, found here:

are there any cheap or free programs that will convert video format so that I will be compatible to an ipod.

handbrake is a good one, it has presets in the program for ipod

and its free