Movie "Flightplan"



With AnyDVD running, Nero Recode can’t handle this movie. I can play the movie from the hard disk but I can’t recode it to fit single layer DVD. Any ideas?


Try to use DVD Shrink with any dvd people have had good results with this or try the free 21 day trial of Clone DVD.


“Flightplan”…“Panic Room” with wings…However, AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, no problems…


@ meve,

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Suggest if you are serious about making reliable trouble free backup copies of your Commercial DVD Movie Tiles to cease using the highly problematic Nero Recode and obtain the most recent up to date copies of AnyDVD-CloneDVD.

The AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination is a proven trouble free software combination that produces excellent error backup copies of Commercial DVD Movie Titles.

Visit SlySoft ( download your copy of AnyDVD-CloneDVD and gives this software try.

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I second that with same 2 programs


Have you tried ripping the movie to your hard drive using Any-dvd ripper (right click the fox in your toolbar, select “rip video-dvd to hard disk”) as opposed to using some other method? Doing so sometimes helps when using Recode or Shrink. After using anydvd ripper, try to use recode as you normally would.


Webslinger That worked! Thanks.


Glad it worked. You’re very welcome!

Chances are if a problem exists with Recode, the problem will also exist with Shrink, since both programs are very similar (the person who once developed Shrink now develops Recode, to the best of my knowledge).


@ Webslinger & meve,

That’s exactly the point. Neither one of these programs (Shrink and/or Nero Record) has been updated in well over a year to include the newer copy protection schemes. This is “dead’ software and using it only causes problems. That’s why in my posting #4 in this thread I sated if you are serious and don’t want problems in making your backup copies to use an up-to-date software program like AnyDVD-CloneDVD.

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Recode is not dead software, as it is still supported (such as it is); Shrink is no longer developed. Both programs work fine using Anydvd ripper or freeware tools and offer better quality transcoding than Clonedvd2 (at the cost of additional transcoding time).


@ Webslinger,

Since you are so knowledgeable concerning the Nero Recode software program could you be so gracious and inform me and other Forum Members how many times Nero Record has been updated since it was released in December 2003?

Just for reference the AnyDVD software program has had 73 revisions and CloneDVD has had 25 revisions dunning the time frame that Nero Recode was first released until now.

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I can confirm nero recode is a piece of pooh. Maybe my system isnt powerful enough, but with what ive got i always get audio and video out of sync using nero recode.


While I thank you for your sarcastic compliment, I can’t be bothered doing extra work for your own personal edification, especially considering you are quite capable of looking up some of that information yourself. You can start here:

"Version Number:

Release Date: February 06, 2006
New features

* Added new profiles to support the Apple iPod
* Added support to add and edit subtitles for the Nero Digital file format"

and then move to

(Unfortunately, Nero does not seem to keep a log on their website for all revision updates, but I can’t say I would bother counting them either).

As the product is still developed and supported, it’s not dead.

Just for reference the AnyDVD software program has had 73 revisions and CloneDVD has had 25 revisions dunning the time frame that Nero Recode was first released until now.

Numerous updates are not necessarily an indication of a quality product, in of itself; tons of updates can also be an indication of a severely buggy product (I am not suggesting, for a second, that Clonedvd2 is a buggy product; I’m just saying, in theory . . .). That said, without any question in my mind, Clonedvd2 is a better supported product than Nero Recode 2. I’m not debating this. What I do question is referring to Recode as a dead product, when it’s not (or that using it creates nothing but problems). Moreover, I question trying to push another product (Clonedvd2) at the OP when Anydvd is quite capable of working in conjunction with the software the OP is using. It seems to me a person who bothers to count the number of revisions Clonedvd2 has is also capable of suggesting Anydvd Ripper to a Recode user, but hey, that’s just me. For ease of use, yes, Clonedvd2 works better than Recode (you don’t need to use Anydvd ripper, for starters). But that doesn’t suddenly imply Recode is a dead product; it’s not. To its credit, Slysoft has included Anydvd ripper to help people (that may not be using Clonedvd2). I, for one, applaud the effort and suggest to those that are having problems with Anydvd and Recode to try using Anydvd ripper.

Regardless, I’m not interested in getting into a pissing contest over Recode vs Clonedvd2. Each product has its strengths and weaknesses.


Using the latest version of AnyDVD and DVDecrypter (using the Elby driver in DVDecrypter and letting AnyDVD do the work), I was able to rip the R1 version of the DVD to an image (ISO/MDS), but DVDecrypter came across 3 pack header warnings. I then mounted the image and tried CloneDVD2 (latest version) for the hell of it and it detected IFO structure errors and corrected them.

I didn’t try burning the image DVDecrypter made to a DL DVD+R, but I wonder if the errors CloneDVD2 found in the image would have posed a problem for stand alone players?


I doubt it, provided the original plays fine (these errors mostly pose a problem for dvd video copying software–and not standalone dvd players). I suspect right clicking on the fox icon in your toolbar and selecting “rip video-dvd to harddisk” would have fixed the structural errors anyway (you should then be able to process the video_ts folder with decrypter without issue).


This movie acted a little weird for me. I first ripped it to hard drive using DVD Decrypter with AnyDVD active (yes I changed those DVD Decrypter settings to accomadate AnyDVD).

Then used Shrink and got an error (the old “invalid data in a certain .vob file” error). Then ran that .vob (VTS_3_0.vob) though Vobblanker and DVD Shrink had no further issues with it.

Just for the hell of it, I did it again, this time just using the AnyDVD ripper to rip to hard drive. Opened DVD Shrink and it had no problems with it at all.

Seems little problems like this are happening more and more as it seems the DVD movie makers are fiddling with the structure more.

Another example of this. I used the AnyDVD ripper on Walk the Line. Opened DVD Shrink and got an error (couldn’t find a certain VTS_6.vob file). That .vob file was present, DVD Shrink just couldn’t apparently understand it. Ran that single .vob through FixVTS. That process was quick, just a few seconds. Opened DVD Shrink again and it then breezed right thought it. Even though the AnyDVD ripper uses FixVTS, apparently it missed something.

I had still another similar issue like this with The Net 2.

Got them all copied, just had to fiddle a bit. I think maybe this stuff is a product of DVD Shrink getting further and further behind (with no updates) and it’s needing a bit of help sometimes. From what I understand, the DVD has to be picture perfect DVD compliant or DVD Shrink doesn’t want anything to do with it. Recode 2 is a little more flexible, I’ve seen sometimes DVD Shrink would reject something and Recode 2 would take it. With the trickery involved from the mucky mucks, the word “DVD compliant” doesn’t seem to mean much anymore.

I’m sure CloneDVD2 probably would have handled all three of these. Problem is, unlike a lot of people here, I just don’t care for the program much.


Whilst CloneDVD is a good piece of software for making backups of commercial disks, it is a bit limited in its editing capbilitiies (I haven’t used it for about 6 months or so) when I was trying to cut out adverts etc from DVDs recorded on a DVD recorder, as you only seemed to be able to cut at cell boundaries.

With Nero Recode, you can cut much more precisely, and it had a feature to merge the titles (need to use IFOEDIT as well) to get a single title.

I haven’t checked CloneDVD recently. Has it’s editing improved (i.e. allow more precise cuts?) and can you merge the edited sections as a single title?


I am just starting out here but would like to say that I enjoy responses that make an effort to explain the different ways and s/w (free or not) that can be used to solve the different problems that come up rather than just say buy this and this and that’s it. I for one want to learn as much as possible and just telling someone to buy something does not always help amatuers like myself.

just my .02

P.S. Thanks to all the members here, have been learning a lot reading the posts in these forums, keep it up!!! :clap:


No. Clonedvd2 lets you cut at chapter markers only. However, Recode doesn’t allow you to cut while maintaining the original menus over two discs either. If you wish to maintain the original menus and cut, Clonedvd2 is better to use.

You are able to remove adverts, provided they’re listed as separate video titles. Just uncheck the appropriate title box in Clonedvd2.

and can you merge the edited sections as a single title?



Is there anyway to use the AnyDVD ripper and retain the original layer break? That is why I’m using DVD Decrypter in ISO Read mode along with AnyDVD. DVD Decrypter doesn’t like something AnyDVD is doing with Flightplan R1.