Movie files

I am new at using dvdfab and have downloaded a movie from limewire and can’t find the file in dvdfab to burn.
Can you please tell me how to do this.

Purchasing the movie would be a good start…

Movie files found on limewire are generally not legal to download. If by chance, sheer blind luck or brilliant design, you have found a legal one, you probably don’t need to use DVDFab with it.

DVDFab can reduce the size of a commercially made dvd-video, to fit onto a blank dvd. It can break encryption and if you get the right additional modules, it can convert dvd video to other formats for you. The movies on limewire are already unencrypted, and usually already converted to avi or mp4 format. DVDFab is the wrong tool for working with such downloads.

If you just want to use DVDFab, I suggest buying the movie in dvd format at a local store. Get the actual, physical disk. Then use DVDFab to break encryption and play with the video to your hearts content. Just don’t upload it and share it on limewire.