Movie Factory 4 conflict

DVD Fab Express would not work, after my initial installation. I finally traced it down to the fact that, with Movie Factory 4 on the same hard drive, I was getting write error 16 with DVDFab. Once I uninstalled MF4, I had no problem with DVDFab. I reinstalled MF and the problem was back. I wonder if there are some file conflicts. (maybe some .dll files or something similar). I have a friend who had the same problem but his hard drive is partitioned and he has DVDFab on one partition and MF on a separate one. That works for him but I hesitate to partition my hard drive. Any ideas?

That is probably your problem as conflicts will work against Express. Does Movie factory run any programs in the back ground?


yeah i just got a heap of conflicts because of dvdfab. uninstalled it and everything is cool now so all i can say is get rid of dvdfab and use some other decrypter.

I have MF4, full version…not the demo, with the 4th patch applied. It sits on the same partition of the same HD as DVD Fab and I have no conflicts at all. I did have many problems with MF4 using the demo version.