Movie DVD's are they +R or -R



Hi! Are the commercially available movie DVD’s +R or -R. Since most of them are dual layered, then most of the previous dvd rom drives should have not problem reading the writable versions of DL available nowadays. Kindly clarify this for me as I have PIONEER A106S DVD ROM and want to know if I write dual layered discs can they be read on them? Thanks


Normal DVDs are not burned, they are “pressed”, this ensures near 100% compatibility.

If you have a +DL disc, you are best to use “BitSetting” (where it is written with info to say it is a DVD-ROM, so most drives will think it is a DVD-ROM and not a +DL DVD, this will make it very compatible (works in even my old stanalone, and computer DVD reader).

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Sorry I forgot to mention I am using NEC 3500 A for writing the dual layered discs and if I had failed to mention this, then my question would not qualify to be in this forum as what I want to know more specifically is that does it make a differnce if you use a writer of a different manufacturer to read the same on another? Thanks


If you have a NEC 3500A you can BitSet only +DL media (unless you have a hacked firmware), the best tool to BitSet is Nero CD-DVD Speed, then go to Extra>Bitsetting, then select the bottom “DVD+R DL”, and select “DVD-ROM”, then click “Set”.

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Its more important you use Verbatim DL media, as this seems to be the only DL media that works well with the ND-3500A/G at the moment. It will AUTO Bitset to DVD-ROM so should play in almost all set top players.


Thanks for the help, but verbatim discs are not available in my neighbourhood. Any other manufacturer perhaps?


I’ve tried plenty DVD+R DL discs the last few months, and like Dee said, ONLY the Verbatims worked fine. They burned okay and were readable in all players (with DVD-ROM bitset).
Don’t buy cheap DL discs (RITEK made)… they burn horribly and are not very well readable in most drives.

I learned this the hard way, after wasting 5 of the total 8 Ritek discs, and the Verbatims work great.

Since Verbatims still are pretty expensive, the cheapest is maybe 7-8 euro a piece you’ll be better off buying the original often.
The choice between 12 euro for an original or 8 for a burned disc is not very hard. Of cource, when the DL discs get better and/or Verbatims get cheaper this will change…


I have only had good success with verbatim also with anything else i have tried it did not work because of the layer break…
also i always use dvd decryptor dont know if other programs work well or not…
maybe others will post what program they used as well…


Neither. The +R and -R designation applies only to writable (burnable) DVD media.


I can only confirm that the Ritek DL discs do not work, even if you can burn them. I managed to burn one with Nero without any error (at 2.4x), but still my standalone could not play the movie back smoothly. The second layer was jumpy and the last part of the movie was skipped altogether.


Explain PRESSED or divert me to a sourse of info on this subject. However DVD-ROM’s are made is in no dout a superior way in making playable dvd’s but to say that they are not burn using a lazer leaves me with little xplanation as to how exactly they are made. I thought only a laser was able to make a spot on a disc that small.

I think they do indeed us lazer it’s just not conventional like our drives but perhaps the disc sets still and the lazer spins in some sort of much more highly sophisticated production system.

Obviously I’m speaking with no facts as to how this is done I will indeed research this but if someone can point me in the right direction I would be most appreciative.

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I’m sorry this is the quote I ment to attach to my previous statement.


I just want to make sure I understand this. I have an ND-3500A using LDv1 fw. I have some Verbatim DL media but have yet to burn one. Does this firmware autobitset to DVD-rom, or do I have to set it. In other words can I just burn as I usually do with SL media (AnyDVD/CloneDVD2) or do I need to do something else. This media is so expensive, I don’t want to waste any. Also, should I upgrade my fw to a newer version? By the way, thanks for all the good work you are doing. :bow:


It’s best to set booktype to DVD-ROM in your burning program (just incase) :slight_smile: