Movie downloads

Hello ya all
Can you advise me on how to download movies off the net ( Legal or ahem, ilegal )wot sites to visit and wot not to pay.
Hope you can help:rolleyes:


Go to places where you have to pay for the movie and pay them for it.:iagree:

Don’t go to places where the movie is free because that is illegal.:cop:

Blimey I only asked!!:eek:
I wanted a helping hand hot a slap but anyway your reply states go to sites that you pay for the films but if I dont know which ones to go to what can I do but ask!!!
Good moderation matey

I am sorry about that. Honestly I am.

It’s just when I keep on seeing cough illegal cough movies it tends to tick me off a little.

To make up for it pay-for-movie sites you could try.

As a starting place.

I also merged the two thread together.