Movie download



Looking for a site from where i can download movies like Wild wild west, the matrix, the latest movies to be precies.
Please help me out here


check out

there are many full movies there like wild wild west, starwars episode one,…

but I have to say that some movies are more than 1GB to download!!!

I hope you’ve got a fast connection?


Thanks, but no thanks.
That didn’t work pop-up after pop-up from porn sites, but no download there.
Anyone knows a real site



dunno if its good…

and dunno if its safe, if u wanna download some shit, u must have a simba leecher (dunno!)

cya CoNsOLe


Personally I think downloadable movies are a myth. I have never ben able to find a real site, and I dont know anyone that has. Of course I don’t spend a lot of time looking. You should just buy the matrix, I got it for $16.99. It’s widescreen (which pisses me off) but I’ll deal with it.
Can you watch downloaded movies in full screen? Or is it in a match box size window?


You can download movies from FTP (seek for yourself) or from newsgroups (get Forte Free Agent at or, even better newsshark from……)

Mostly they are VideoCD (MPEG) or ASF, which you can view full screen…

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I have to say that I’ve tryed the url that I give earlyer and it still works(I’ve downloaded the full movie “south parks” today

I didn’t got a single popup(I have to say that I use the program “ads off”)

So check it out again, just scoll to the bottom of the site and you’le find plenty of full movies

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where can you get ads off?

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yeah right.
Why then do I allways get the message vote for us at top65 and when I have voted still the same message.
The only thing that works where the link to the porn sites.
If you got the solution please, but I don’t know how to download


Fuck you snowie,
the only thing I can do is vote for
that f***in’ site !!!


Lookin’ down and say :
you really suck babe…


take it easy man

I’l telling you I’ve just tryed it a few secunds ago and started downloading the Matrix I’ve got not one popup)

You’ve just got to install the program
“ads off” and you will never get a popup again, you go straight to the site.

You can find ADS OFF on TL35. Its 1,70Mb big.

Could someone please tell these people that it works???


and what if you don’t have tl35 ?


RE: snowie’s link…
once you’ve voted for the site at the voting site - it supposedly lets you get to the actual files - but everyone I tried it just came up with “can’t find file”.

Load of shit really.


Heey, I just tried the site from Snowie ( and it workes FINE for me. I just downloaded Southpark, no voting-bullshit, just movies to download.



I agree with snowie i’m downloading southpark at the moment, although the server for matrix is busy :frowning:

Incindentally i’m having problems DL the first zip file of south park it’s says the referring link is dead. Any thoughts?

But the bottom line is it looks like this site rocks…good job snowie!!! keep it up


Yeah the first file of Southpark is messed up, and since u need the first file to view the movie, it has no use to download the other 4 files.

But still, the site rocks.



Finaly someone that believes me(oef)

Its very simple to look at the movies, just follow these steps:

1)You’ve got to download all of the files

2)rename titel.cod to titel.exe
3)rename titel.x to titel.r00(like in 007)
4)rename titel.class to titel.r01
5)double click the .exe file, and it unpacks to a single ASF video file

single .cod files->just rename to .exe and doubleclick.

sometimes it even more difficult, and than you have to do this:

1)rename titel.gif to titel.exe
2)rename titel.jpg to titel.r00
3)rename titel.class to titel.r01

P.S. you do need the newest windows media player to view the files

So I hope this helps, and enjoy youre private cinema.


Oh I forgot one importing thing

Before you do anything with the files you’ve got to check these settings:

My computer > view > folder options > view > “hide file extensions for known file types” may not be checked !!

So thats all folks


About the AdsOff! program you can download it at:

There is a key generator here for the latest version 1.97:

This program removes ads and pop windows, everybody should try it.


No use anymore because Planethq has chenged the vcd section, now u have to sign-up and surf with alladvantage to get a personal account on a ftp


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