Movie download

Back again, I like these forums very much.

Thanks to everyone who helped get my writter working.

Where does everyone download movies from. I have been using Kazza but that sometimes can be hit and miss, you download for 2 days only to find out it isn’t what is is supposed to be??.

Bit Torrent rather than Kazza/edonkey etc - Azureus is a good app. Websites - , , for starters.

have joined demonoid but can’t figure out how to download movies?

You need to get yourself a BT client. Do a search for azureus. Then download the torrent & open the torrent file in azureus & away you go.

cool it worked full movie downloaded in 7 hours, fantastic.

Now this poses me another problem, the movie plays on my PC I just click it and it opens and starts playing (just one file)

how do i get this onto dvd its just one file (.avi)

again thankyou thankyou thankyou

Video Edit SOftware forum , guides & tutorials. It’s all there.

Lime Wire and Bitcommet ( for torrents I use torrent spy.

dvdSanta is best for the completely beginner (they really should start paying me for the amount of times I have recommended it)

some website try to collect best torrent upload you dont have to mucking around to find the right torrent files. Also you can find some website in there show you how to download and do sub. Take a look of this site:

good to find from it cause got over 300 movies so far