Movie download in bits any programs to put it together

I have just got a download of a film and it is in bits compressed is there any programs to put these into 1 movie file

AVS Video Converter but it also does a lot more and costs $30. You could just use AviSynth (freeware) but there’s probably another much simpler freeware program designed purely for joining video files. What kind of files are they?

I have all the compressed files in the same file, extract one and they all extract into one big film. Just a different way of sendin films over the net.

yeah i have done that they now one big file but they are .bin files any ideas?

Erm is there a cue. file???

A .bin file is an image file, use anygood burner to burn it 2 a CD such as nero or alcolhol120%.

Otherwise you could mount the image with alcohol or Daemon tools.

BUT you need a cue file 2 do both. If you dont have one search google on how to make a cue. file, all you need is notepad and some common sense :slight_smile:

O.K I’ll put on my rose tinted glasses and assume that this is a legal download…
If you don’t have a .cue file then you can allways get Demon Tools and mount it in there.
It will appear in a virtual cd drive and then you can burn it using the disc-to-disc copy function of your fav burning app.

ok cheers :iagree: for all your help very much appreciated :bow: and by the way it was a legal download :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile: