Movie doesn't play in player (Mac)

This has happened with a few DVDs… I can’t put a finger on why it’s happening but it is.

Here’s what I do:

Rip a full DVD with MacTheRipper… Remove macrovision, change region to all

Compress it with DVD2OneX

Burn the DVD with Toast

Now, I’ve done quite a few DVDs this exact way and had no problems but every now and again, I get one where I burn the DVD and it works like a champ in my PowerBook but when I put it in my DVD player, I get them menus and stuff but when I go to play the actual film, the player plays the first second of the first chapter and then skips to the next chapter and plays the first second and the the next chapter, and on and on. It’s bizarre. So many movies work just fine but once in a while, a new-ish movie just doesn’t work. I think I may have encountered 3 in like 25 or 30