Movie doesn't play after editing with DVDReMake

I have a little problem with DVDReMake, maybe some of you have ideas for this… :confused:

With some movies (ex. Ice Age, Stock, Lock…) DVDReMake doesn’t work correctly for me! I just make some block blank or hide some buttons (which doesn’t change the size radically), but after exporting the works but the main movie is not willing to play! I just click PLAY, the post animation runs and then it stops…

It happens just in case of some movies, that’s why I don’t exactly understand!

Waiting for ideas chaps! :wink:

Please state the version of DvdReMake you are using.

You can simulate PLAY after some modifications in the debug window to see how it behaves.

I am using an old version (1.3.1.)! Can it be the reason for my problem.
…with some movies I edited with DVDReMake it happens that PowerDVD stops when I wanted to jump through the starting videos with pushing Next! (However if I let it play, perfectly goes to the Menu) :a Purchasing the latest version will solve them?

I can find answer for it because with most movies it works correctly and I don’t want to change Remake either… :disagree:

When you edit in such an old version, you don’t know if you break navigation or not, that’s why some movies might work, some might not. Purchasing the latest version will certainly solve the problem as it will warn you with highlighted red warning/error message, if any, when editing so you know where to fix it. There’s also a demo at Dimadsoft site for you to try as well, and look at the development history to see how vast it has evolved since then. You will not want to use the old version again after you upgrade. :slight_smile: