Movie created by Wondershare DVD Photo won't play

Problems with LG (DR4812W) recorder any advice will be much appreciated :bow:

I bought a program called Wondershare DVD Photo, and made the most amazing DVDs of my twins. Now I find that not one DVD photo movie I made can be played in my brand new LG DR4812W machine, or be watch on my plasma screen TV. I am not good at all with computers or any other appliance for that matter but can not seem to understand that my 19 year old daughter has a real cheap and crappy DVD made in China piece of S***, my DVDs plays on her machine but not mine.
I am so frustrated, all these movies I made of my deceased Father and my twins, but I can not even vi ewe it in the privacy of my own living room.
Can anybody please help me and tell me what I am doing wrong PLEASE.

I can provided you with proof of purchase of my product.

as they are playable in your daughters player, it looks as if your LG doesn’t like the type of media your using or it’s picky about playing copied disc’s.

i’ve found out the the cheaper the player, the better it is with playing copied disc’s

I agree regarding cheap DVD players. I have a $29 Apex that will run circles around two Sony mid level players for reading media. Why it is better I can’t say but it is. Maybe you can exchange the LG you just bought for another one. This time take one of your homemade discs to the store and make sure it can be played on whatever unit you buy.

Give more info on the problems.

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Hello I just wanted to say I am new to this very new so I do not understand what or where you want me to do can you please help me

Sorry for me not describing the problem, this is it!
I can burn home made dvd`s from my computer but it will not play on my dd. However my daughter has a cheap made in china thing and it plays on her dvd I just dont understand why it is like that.

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Have you tried a different Media. For example, if you are using DVD+R switch to DVD-R, or visa versa.

If you’ve burned on DVD+RW media, some players can’t read the RW media.

You DVD player might also be picky about quality of media, suggest you try Verbatim Made in Taiwan, not Made in India media.

Also, look at your players owner’s manual. There might be some info there.

Thank you so much for your advice, I will go buy some new disks, Verbatim Made in Taiwan. As per your advice.
Will get back to you on how things turned out. I did contact LG here in Australia and all they said was this
[B]Dear Bernadette Thank you for emailing LG Electronics Australia. It sounds like it maybe the format you are coping these movies in. Please contact our Browngoods Customer Service on 1800 643 156 and one of our consultants will be able to assist you further. Kind Regards Karine Wyatt Correspondence Officer LG Electronics Australia Pty Ltd ABN 98 064 531 264 2 [/B]
So much for helping, I will also contact them and see what they say.

Thanks so much for all with your advice, just wish I was better on the computer but as I said I can not even operate a electric can opener. ( haha)

I just wish to thank everybody for your advice with my problem. I have come back here to let you know that you were correct.
The only disk that will show on my DVD is a DVD+R or CD+R.

I am so grateful for all the help and advice.

Kind Regrads
Bernadette :clap: