Movie copying sequence question

I am using DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink 2.3, and Roxio Creator 6 (for burning disc) to copy movies. Can someone tell me If should decrypt first, then use
DVD Shrink or vice versa?

Thank you.


With dvd Shrink you can compress your movie directly from dvd to HD. But if you rip previously to HD, shrinking process is faster.

This will only work if the DVD has no protection on it. To remove protections use AnyDVD ($$) or DVD43 (free) if DVD Decrypter fails to do it.

If there is no protection just use DVD Shrink as it will be the fastest way overall.

With protections I’d run AnyDVD (just sits there removing any protection) & run DVD Shrink directly against the DVD

Thanks, geno and TimC.


This is a follow-up question. If you want to try using Shrink only, how will you
know before hand if the DVD is copy protected or not?


Almost all dvd are protected. Fastest way to backup is rip to HD and then open with shrink.

Alright, cool. Thanks, geno.


you’re welcome