Movie copies, however

Hoping there’s a simple explaination for this. I can copy “The Grudge” and it plays back fine on the PC but not on the TV. I’ve been using a PS/2 to play DVDs and haven’t had a problem till now. The original plays fine on the TV.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Well you are in the wrong forum. I am not sure which forum you should be in because you have not given any details of your system. What software did you use to make the back-up with?, what burner did you use?, what DVD’s did you use +R’s or -R’s?, what media and media code is this dvdr?, did you use bit-settings? Has any other DVDR’s worked after the grudge didnt work.

You left too much open for some serious help, this forum you are in, has nothing to do with your finished DVDR, since you were able to copy and play it on your computer, ANYDVD did it’s job and you may not get much help in this forum

I would argue that ANYDVD did not do it’s job if I can’t play the copy like I can the original. Other copies have worked so I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the system or the media.

The only variables are the program I’m using to copy (I’ve tried several, from DVDSHRINK to CLONEDVD) and ANYDVD.

If ANYDVD is unlocking the DVD which I couldn’t read if I didn’t run ANYDVD, then I think the problem lies squarely with ANYDVD. Particularly because part of the copy protection the Grudge is employing obscures the sector size as mentioned here -

So if ANYDVD governs the reading of the DVD and I can’t play the resulting copy in my player but I can play other copies as well as the original I think the there’s something ANYDVD isn’t doing or decoding.

I’m hoping not only that I’m wrong but that someone can tell me where my mistake lies.

Thanks for your reply though HAMP.

The DVD ROM at the computer may be a better reader. Usually, the problem sits with CRAPPY made in Taiwan media , fast burn speed, or incorrect booktype. Some home DVD players will not be able to read DVD+R disc. You need to change the booktype to DVD-ROM if the burner supports this, or use DVD-Rs. Get better media (made in Japan) and try 4X or lower burn speed.

echoing furballi, check the other thread you started about the same topic :rolleyes:

OK, I am using +R, but it’s never been a problem with other movies. Is “booktype” a setting you use with the backup software or anydvd? I’m not familiar with the term.

Found some references to booktype when using Nero, but it’s supposed to be automatic? I’m afraid I’ve only succeeded in confusing myself. I have CLONEDVD, DVDSHRINK and another that uses NERO to burn. I get the feeling I’m going in the right direction because I had an older version of NERO and just grabbed the upgrade.

Thanks for your time, any direction is of course welcome!

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