Movie companies blame instant messaging for box office flops



I just posted the article Movie companies blame instant messaging for box office flops.

This year is rapidly becoming known as the year of
the failed blockbuster movies and according to this article, the industry has an interesting view on why… According to movie…

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Ahahahahaha lol, I think it’s a good thing bad movies don’t make any money, and MiramAxe maybe shuld copy New Line and make good movies instead… BTW, I know I’m not the oldest here but phones have been around for more than 5 years yes? :g MiramAxe might be better off if they stop cutting movies…


Hey a bad movie is a bad movie, and why should there be success for crap. I reckon alot of the problems are due to the watering down of movies so that they can be seen by children, i.e. the under 18s. Lets face it as someone who’s over 30, do I want to sit in a cinema filled with dumb arse brats who can’t sit still and constantly chatter? Does anyone? The answer is no. A good example can be drawn from Terminator 3. The original T1 release was an 18. Now all of a sudden we get a 12A…what’s that shite all about. OK standards have changed over the years but 18 to 12A…get real…it can only mean the watering down of the movie, less violence and so on. As for texting, na I don’t totally buy into that one. It’s just the pants films that are being churned out at the moment. There are so many missed opportunities for potentially good movies it’s embarrassing, Scooby Doo…what a mess that was, Johnny English, The Hulk (from what I’ve heard) and so on… Perhaps it’s time we saw less marketing bullshit and lies and more marketing reality…?


like you couldn’t just use a phone instead.What are they gonna sue people now if you tell someone your opinion about a movie? If they do I hope someone has intelligence enough to drag these people out of their office and give them a good beating. Hopefully a mortal one. Because that’s exactly what these greedy morons need. A fatal beating. But that would be stuping to just a little bit above their level. So yeah All you gotta do is make good movies. Some of your ideas are good and will sell, and some won’t. That’s the same with every business. The object of the game is to learn from your mistakes so you don’t make movies like anymore and make up the loss on the profit from your good movies. Why do these companies think we owe them something. Like we’re suppose to go buy everything they want us to. We don’t owe them anything and they shouldn’t expect that everything they do will make a profit. But they’ve been rich little brats for so many generations now that they don’t understand the real world anymore. They’re out of touch with reality. Here’s a little moto you can use. What better profit? make better product.
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LOL! This article is a croc of shit. Perhaps with unemployment as high as it is in the US, people would rather just go see the movies they know are going to be good. 8 dollars a ticket is a bit high unless its a great movie, sorry, lol. The majority of movies are bad today anyway, why take the risk anymore? Just don’t go see any, lol. That’s my philosophy. Wait for DVD releases and rent it for 5 bucks.


Ill wait to buy the flop for 7bux - 10bux per DVD… In any case, flops are not due to people spreading by word of mouth/text messaging/email etc. They are flops because they lack originality, suspense, action and/or acting… The first 45 mins of The Hulk put me to sleep… Granted they needed to build up the story of The Hulk but they could of done it by reducing the amount of garbage in between… J-Lo… LOL, she couldnt act if she walked into it… She cant sing or dance either, so stop throwing money into the trash… Ahhh-nold Shwarzwhatever, guy is old enough to be my kids grandfather and now he’s making a run for Cali Governor… Hes not an action figure anymore, he should be in another Grumpy Old Men movie… And last but not least, Jackie Chan… I hate to mention him cause I think hes a great action guy, but very horrible actor… His latest quest is the Medallion have him acting more and doing less of his own stunts (some are computer generated)… His new stuff is garbage compared with his old movies… i.e. The Tuxedo We can go on and on about how the movie industry is screwing up movies today… They think they know what people want and when their ideas go down the drain, they immediately blame the consumer… Take it on the chin… I cant wait to see what they say when they release the rest of Marvels superheros onto the big screen…
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my god thats hilarious! Are they serious!!! It’s like the music industry blaming p2p for ALL their losses! It just aint true! So it sucks for them b/c ppl can find out sooner if it’s worth the cash to see a movie? big whoop, If it means the puplic can make better decisions on where their cash goes then tough noogies, stop whining and get some GOOD movies out! New Line ain’t bitching… why?! LOTR is a cash cow for them and IMHO one of the best movies to come out lately. T3 was gutter trash. Jay Leno hit it right about the ending. What did you expect when James totally refused to direct it. man he should’ve fought to make sure that sequel never saw the light of day!


They make bad movies and cry because they don’t get $$$ for them? Damn, how unfair. Poor movie makers, my heart is with them, they can’t fool general population anymore, now poor bastards will have to think how to make an Oscar!