Movie Clone and DVD x Copy



Hi, wondered if anyone can help. I’m new to DVD burning and having a few difficulties: -

  1. Firstly, in Movie clone, I’m having trouble using DVD-, I can only burn into posiitve formats, my drive just won’t start burning with this software using negative discs. Also having a fair bit of trouble with DVD’s over 3 hours not fitting onto the disc.

  2. I’ve just got DVD X copy, I like the software, its eay to use, however on certain DVD’s when the program goes to step 2 and asks for the blank DVd and the start button is clicked no burning takes place and it proceeds straight to the completed screen in less than 2 seconds. Its very frustrating after waiting almost 40 mins t get to that point.

Can anyone help on either of these? or recommend any software that does not have problems with DVD length or the format of the discs and is generally better than the above two??



Use CloneDVD and AnyDVD at DVD X is no longer supported. I would dump DVD X. Your drive may not support the DASH format. Shouldn’t have anything to do with the burn application.


Thanks, will movieclone copy any DVD onto a single layer disc regardless of length, i’m having difficulty with a few music dvd’s that are 4 hours with all the bonus materials and menu’s, dual layers are so expensive.


Clone will compress a DVD-9 to DVD-5. You can also split the content to two DVD-5 discs to preserve the picture quality. Compressing the original DVD can reduce the picture quality.


Is Clone DVD 2 the one to get or should I stick to the orginal??



I like CloneDVD but I also use Nero Recode.