Movie Clone 3 / x-oom

I aquried MOVIE CLONE 3 over the Internet recently.Obviously has mcldecrypt.exe patch built in because I can unlock any DVD.I search the Internet and noticed that X-OOM dropped the price now so you can Movie Clone 3 for ~ $20. Not bad at all.
Considering value for money, It is excellent program 9 out 10, easy to use, excellent copies, support dual layer DVD burner, but it took me almost 40 minutes to copy 98 minutes DVD.
Does anyone has experience with this program.Can I increase the speed.
PS. I think that moderators deliberately advertising only softwares who paid them, so if this is the case than this forum is not of much help.Fortunatelly many other forums on the net.

Ok, I was going to let this slide, as I have read your previous post.

We allow discussions on all programs, provided that they are acquired legally. It is always welcome of companies support us, but that is absolutely no requirement for their softwares to be discussed on our forums.

But, in your previous post you said that you downloaded this program through a P2P, without paying for it. Hence, you requested help on illegally obtained software and violated one of our most basic rules of this forum.

As you now request help on the same program, I can only assume that you still did not pay for it and are using an illegal copy. Having said that, forum rules dictate that I should at least close this topic, as help on illegal software is not allowed in this forum.

Please respect CD Freaks by respecting our rules!