Movie changes to 16:9 from 4:3

Hi, this is wierd, I just ripped Red Dragon with DVD2One which is a full screen 4:3 aspect ratio movie and when viewing the VOB’s, a little more than half way through the movie the video changes to a 16:9 aspect ratio. Has anyone seen this before? then the credits go back to 4:3

Did you use version 1.1.3?
There was a bug with the layer break up to version 1.1.2.



Just viewing the VOBs can give sometimes do this, as without the IFOs, the player doesn’t know the format.

If you’re getting this phenomenon after starting up via VIDEO_TS.IFO or equivalent, then that’s a different matter of course.

Your syntax is a little confusing. You wouldn’t have ripped the files with DVD2One; you might have compressed them. Ripping was probably done with DVDDecrypter or the like. So, are you seeing this problem pre or post DVD2One?


Thanks for the input. Yes I used 1.1.3, I will load the ifo in PowerDVD and see how it playes and sorry for the syntax :slight_smile: I did meen compressed :slight_smile:

all is well when played with powerdvd. :slight_smile: even if i drag and drop the vob to powerdvd but not with windvd.