Movie burnt out of order

i plopped my burnt dvd into the dvd player that i just created. the movie being wedding crashers. the first part of the dvd is the middle of the movie, then when i hit next it goes to the start of the movie, so the movie was burnt in the wrong order. i used Silent Night Micro burner to burn the movie, why does this happen and how do i prevent it? im also still only getting audio on the first chapter of the movie. any explenations for that either, because when i watch the tracks that were shrunk with dvd shrink, they all have audio…

Because you bungled the rip/burn?

Just kidding, can you give us a lil more info?

Your pc specs, your os, and your programs that you used to rip as well as burn. I’m not personally familiar with Silent Night Micro burner, I do use dvdshrink often.

With more info, we may be able to give you better answers.

WIndows OS.
E Machines Topwer, 512 MB.
Memorex DVD Burner. Used DVD decrypter to rip, dvd shrink to shrink and micro to burn. This has happend wiht another burner too, so somehow before the burn process does the movie get put out of order and do i lose audio for most of it.
(this is the only movie so far that has burnt out of order, but all have lost audio). the audio is the biggest question/problem.

when you rip, do you rip in file mode or iso mode? Personally I use nero, some love it some cuss it, but works well for me. If you can rip in .iso, you may have better luck with imgburn it’s a freeware image burner that may give you better results.

decrypter and shrink are great tools, so I don’t think those are your problem this, sounds more like your burning app, or the way you drag your dvd project into that burning app.

Does this burning app support some sort of dvd-movie project…or are you just dumping the ts files on a blank and burning as a data dvd?

nero constantly crashed on me. so i cant use that, everytime i’ve tried to burn an iso image, it wont play in my dvd player, so thats also out of the question. im not so worried aboutthe movie burning out of order. but do you know why the sound may be going after the first chapter of evrey movie?

well again hoss, it may be the burning app, but no real idea, when yu rip with decrypter, how is the playback on your pc…do you have audio the original rip defore transcoding with shrink? do you have audio the shrinked version when you play it from your hard drive?

In shrink, I can see where you may drop too much of the audio, and bugger that…in the main movie, but if you have audio for part of the main movie, not just the menu and previews, something else going on there.

i get sounds for the menu and and part of the main movie on dvd. when i play it from my hard drive i have audio, and i dont uncheck any boxes in shrink for audio. so its definately something with my burning software, but it has happend with multiple softwares. wo what possibly could make it happen within any burning software???

Just out of curiousity, are you trying to retain the menu AND reauthor the disc?

I’d blame DVD Shrink probably… I think the disc uses seamless branching to have both unrated and theatrical versions on the disc. Anyone know something that can handle that? I use DVD Rebuilder, but it’s a bit of a step up compared to DVD Shrink.

You need to follow the Shrink guides online and don’t deviate from them unless you are an expert! Shrink will let you do anything with a movie, and I mean anything -so be careful! Do you have the links to the Shrink sites?