Movie Burning Newbie

Hi Gang,
Though I’ve been doing CD burning for years I just got a Liteon LH-20A1H-184 DVD burner and plan to start making backups of movies. I’m totally new to this and don’t have much knowledge. Which is the best program Alcohol or CloneDVD with Anydvd? Is 4.7 gig disks ok or do I need the 8. disks? I just ordered Memorex 4.7 gig 16x DVD-R + disks. If a movie is DVD - can I use these disks, also are most movies done on + or - format? Sorry for all the questions gang but as I said this is totally new to this. Thanks for any answers you can give me.


Ohhh most people on these forums will tell you Memorex discs suck. I’ve never tried them tho so I can’t comment on that.

AnyDVD and CloneDVD are excellent choices, AnyDVD breaks the protection and CloneDVD is (I’m informed) very easy to use and makes nice quality backups. Give them a go, you can get 21 day trials of both. I have purchased AnyDVD, but I don’t have any experience of CloneDVD.

Anybody have any info on the technical issues I brought up. I got Memorex as I found them to be the most reliable cd-r media through the years. Are they not good in DVD-R format?

I’d suggest using +R’s and booktyping them to DVD-ROM.

Memorex never never never never it is just a name they buy there disk from whoever will sell them cheap.

Hi Mywhitfield,
What do you mean by booktyping? Term is new to me

i suggest dvd shrink…it will shrink the movie so it could fit on a disk and it burns perfictly over dvd locks (it works for me so far)!!! :slight_smile:

I would say give anydvd and clonedvd or clonecd a try. They have 21 day free trial periods for their software. I used memorex dvd-r but not dvd+r but I don’t have to much burning issues with those disk. Lite on does have a download site for the booktype program. What booktype means is to make it more compatible with the DVD-ROM player and drives. Movies dvd from what I can tell using Anydvd is set to DVD-ROM that what I have the booktype program from lite set my drive to each time so it makes it more compatible with stand alone dvd players.

If you plan on using 4.7 media use clonedvd to compress 8.4 media down to fit single layer 4.7 media. And if you want 1:1 use clonecd to get close to original as possible but also don’t forget clonedvd also does do 1:1 function as well… it just labels as DL or DVD+9 (8.4) - DVD+5 (4.7).

DVD Shrink is just as good as CloneDVD & is free. So that & AnyDVD would be a good combo.
To use totally free apps there’s always Ripit4Me in conjunction with DVD Decrypter to rip to the HDD and DVD Shrink to compress/remove extras to fit.

To do a 1:1 copy I’d rip to an ISO image with DVD Decrypter & then burn that image with Decrypter or ImgBurn.

And Memorex is c**p. Best to use Verbatim (easy to find) or Taiyo Yuden.

So where do you get DVD shrink. I downloaded so many versions from this site and many others and always the same results, they have a flag wanting 39 bucks. Also is DRV Shrink a stand alone package or would I need something else.

This site will do. It was just a simple google for it.
Get DVD Decrypter while you’re there as well.

Hi all,
Thanks for your prompt and helpful replies. I’ll probably go with the combination of AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Will let you know how well it works.
Thanks Again.


That’ll do fine , although I prefer the freebies.

The CMC Memorex media works good with some of the NEC drives. I’ve been burning and testing quite a few with no problems so far, but I haven’t tried them on anything other than my NEC 3530. Unless you are familar with testing procedures for DVD’s, I would’nt suggest using anything other than Verbatim or TY.

Base own my own experiences with memorex brand using them in drives like BenQ (1640 & 1655) & NEC (3550 & 4551) plus Lite-On and Aopen never ha good burning and satisfying qulity with it.

What is the problem with Memorex anyway? I’ve used the CD media for years and find them to be the most reliable of all of them, never had a coaster, Aren’t DVD-R’s made by the same company??

See this post here , as I answered your same question in that thread.