Movie breaks up in middle



I’m copying DVD’s using any DVD and CloneDVD2. The seem to copy completely. BUT When I play them on my DVD player they are Ok until the middle of the movie then it starts to break up (you can see pixels) and it gets worse as it goes on until I give up trying to watch it. What can I do to stop this?
I have a Plextor PX-708A recorder and my DVD player is a high end Zenith. I’m using the recommended DVD blanks for Plextor and they are DVD +R which my Zenith says to use. Help!


this almost definitely sounds like poor media or too high of a burn speed or a combination of both.

download nero cd-dvd speed and pop in a blank disc. under the disc info tab tell us the media id code.

what speed are you burning at in clonedvd2? never set to max. burn at the rated speed of the media for quality media or even a notch or two lower for questionable discs (note: the slower the better does NOT apply. it is possible to burn too slow)


First guess here is a blank media issue. Also likely, is an inappropriate burn (probably too fast) speed or a combination of the two. I realize you said that you’re using the recommended media +R. It would be most helpful if you could post the actual Media ID or MID. For eg., for a specific Taiyo Yuden disc the MID might be “TYG02”. There are a number of tools that will do this, such as, DVDInfopPro, nero CD-DVD Speed, etc. The burn speed would be great to know as well…at least for starters.


Oops, sorry reasons…too slow on the draw, I guess… :iagree:


quite alright…you said exactly what i did. great minds think alike :slight_smile:


I’m using Ridata DVD+R 16 media and burning at 8X the top speed of my 708A Plextor.


Ritek G05 … is terrible media for cosistency, but The ridata disc is not neesarily this media (although it likely is).

Please download nero & install it & run the infotool, as was requested in the second post.