Movie Backups with 2510A

Okay, like the username says, I’m a total Newbie to the DVD-burning process. I don’t even have one yet, but I’m pretty convinced that I’m going to buy a NEC 2510A pretty soon. I have a couple questions that I’m hoping y’all can answer:

  1. What other equipment do I need to backup my movie DVD’s? I have a pretty fast computer (Dell Dimension 4600, 3.06GHz w/HT, 512MB RAM), but I’m just using the built-in video. Do I need to get a new video card in order to rip my DVD’s, or will the standard hardware do it? The last thing I want to do is spend money on DVD media if I’m going to burn a bunch of coasters because the DVD rip was too slow or something.

  2. I gather that DL media is pretty limited (and $$$) right now, but has anybody tried ripping movies to it yet? Do they play worth a darn in set-top players? My set-top DVD player is supposedly pretty compatible with DVD-R (JVC XV-F95), but I don’t know if the DL media will throw a spoke in that or not.

  3. Anybody tried ripping TV series DVD’s? I heard, anecdotally, that TV series DVD’s could pose a problem because they’ve got so many episodes on one disc, but I dont’ have any experience with it myself. My thought is that the dual-layer discs would be ideal for this, but I’d like to hear somebody’s experience burning a TV series DVD to a DL disc and replaying it on their set-top DVD.

  4. How about repair of scratched DVD’s? One thing that I love about my CD-RW drive is that I can read some of my CD’s that skip a lot, burn a copy of them onto a $0.10 CD-R, and they play perfectly. It’s a very cheap, very effective means of “repairing” a mucked up CD. Can that also be done with DVD’s?

  5. Last question. I noticed that sells the 2510A both without software ($87) and with software (89.99). Their web page says something about Roxio software. I thought that the 2510A was bundled with Nero 6 something-or-other? What gives?

Thanks, y’all!

  1. Your PC is plenty fast. Keep the hard drive(s) defragged and you should be fine. No special video card is necessary.

  2. If your player is -R compatible, I think it should be fine.

  3. I think the maximum number of chapters under the DVD specs is 255, so you shouldn’t have an issue.

  4. Yes, but different DVD burners and DVD rom drives can vary in read quality. Some people have issues with reading marginal DVDs with the NEC burners; but, if you can read/rip the scratched DVD to your hard drive, you should be able to burn it to a new DVD, just as you do with CDs.

  5. Typically burners come with Nero, Roxio, or Record Now bundled with the retail version of the drive. I’ve seen two boxes of the same drive at the store, with different software depending on the production run. Kind of sucks, but I prefer Nero over Roxio given the choice.

Damn, that was a fast response. Thanks! Man, I’m psyched to get one of these things… :slight_smile: