Movie backups pause while playing on standalone dvd player



Movie backups made on DVD-R media (at 4x) pause for a few seconds while playing on a standalone dvd player. Same movies play fine on my PC. I am using “quality” media (SONY08D1) that can only be written at 4-16x so setting the writing speed lower than 4x is not possible. Same problem occurs with other DVD-R media (TYG01) that were also written at 4x. Backups on DVD+RW made at 2x seem to play with no problems. Any ideas how can I solve this problem? I have bought lot of SONY08D1 media that I hate having to throw away!


if you’re only having problems with dvd-r (and dvd+rw plays fine), your player might simply be less capable of playing dvd-r. try using quality dvd+r and see if you have the same problems.