Movie Backup Done On Mac Computer

:confused: Hi ppl, just wondering a friend did a dvd movie backup on a macintosh computer and has tried to read the backup in 4 x normal pc dvd readers and they read as no disc inserted!! Is it normal for this to happen or should the pc’s be able to read the backup? If not is there any way of reading this disc in a pc dvd. The backup plays in stand alone dvd players no problems.
TIA, Cheers, Dave. :bow:

The old 4X DVD-ROM drives probably won’t read a burned disc. Upgrade to a newer DVD-ROM drive, they are pretty cheap right now.

if i remember correctly, the only recordable discs those drives will read are dvd+r booktyped to dvd-rom.

:bow: Sorrry guys, I Haven’t explained myself properley, what I meant by 4 x pc dvd readers , I meant 4 x different pc’s with various dvd readers (ie: Liteons, Pioneer ect.) not 4x speed.
Sorry for the mileading information!!
TIA, Cheers, Dave. :o :o

Possible media problem! What brand are we talking? What software used to create copy?

when you made your movie on the mac, did you burn it ONLY for a mac?

i know that in Toast you can make cd’s readable on PC & MAC or MAC only.
iuno if this is the case with movies thoe…just an idea to look into.