Movie backup burning problem with benq 1620



I use to have a tdk 1612b, and i used it to backup movies, all my backup movies played fine in my dvd standalone player…

now when i switched to benq 1620 pro, with b7p9 firmware (rpc1), and tried backing up a movie, those newly created backup movies can’t be played by my dvd standalone player,

i remember the problem before with my tdk 1612b, i just set my dvd+r media type to dvd+rom and it work well in my standalone dvd player,

now i did this in benq 1620, but no success,

help! :frowning:


Which brand of media do you use and what is the mediacode. A bit more info would hurt. I would be surprised if you were using -DVDR media.


It sounds as if you have a media-related issue. Check lists to see if your set-top player and media and writer will all agree with each other. Using DVD+R media is necessary in order to bit set to dvd rom. As an alternative, check to see which DVD-R media works well in both your set-top player and the Benq writer–as -R medias are probably recommended for your particular DVD player.

Try using the combination of DVDshrink with DVDdecryptor for burning, because DVDdecryptor has built-in support for writing ISO files with BenQ (and the two work together automatically). In fact, there’s a little book icon in Decryptor that can let you view/set the bitsetting.

P.S. There are extensive headaches with the operation of RPC1 firmware, so use factory firmware if possible. Firmware T9 has fixed many playback issues. When possible, use 12x speeds with firmware T9.

P.P.S. Please provide more information, such as media code of the discs you are using and brand, model # of the set-top player.


well i tried so many dvd+r media but it won’t play on my dvd standalone player, my point is, I used the same media before… and burned it in tdk 1612b and it can be played flawlessly in my standalone player, i’m just wondering why benq 1620 burns doesn’t play in my standalone player,

i check the quality of disc after burn and it scored 97 :slight_smile:

some of the dvd+r’s i used, MCC003, POMSI002, i’ll try to see what other media i used, coz its with my friend, he tried it in his standalone player… waiting for his response

my standalone player is nextbase dvd 9000 s200k-y

i’m using b7p9 firmware (rpc1) fw, is the firmware t9 better than P9? and s9? i’ve heard so many post that they’re sticking with the p9 firmware?

And i’ve check and where can i find a list to see if my set-top player and dvd writer will agree with each other? you mean the brand of media I’m using?

And how do i use the combination of dvdshirnk and dvddecryptor for burning?


I sure would like to see some quality scans witch gave you problems playing in your standalone dvd player.

With dvdshrink you can make a iso file of your movie which you want to backup.
Choose as target device in dvd schrink “iso image file” instead of your dvd recorder device. With dvd decrypter you can burn the iso file by choosing “mode” > “iso write”.

You must have media problems or a very picky dvd player I believe.


well tried that, but still it won’t work…

i tried this method…

and it work, :smiley:

though i think its a slower method compared to yours…

any idea why is it like that? maybe dvd decrypter doesn’t set the media type correctly?


I’m just wondering why this method works, but on some dvds i have, it still doesn’t play in my standalone player =(

  1. Check your drive (all aspects, firmware updates, cables, connection, dma, udma, slave, master, primary, secondary, dust, bad laser, bent cables, etc…).
  2. Check media (all aspects, code, brand, type, etc…). Could be a bad batch.
  3. Check booktype/bitsetting (dvd+r to dvd-rom or dvd+rw to dvd-rom or dvd+r dl to dvd-rom).
  4. Check burning software and dvd copying software. Reinstall to establish a baseline to rule this out somewhat. When encoding with your copying software, do it at default settings to again establish a baseline for troubleshooting purposes. It may also be beneficial to note any other softwares that may be giving you problems with not necessarily the immediate problem at hand. In addition, lower your burning speed to default 4X to establish a control.
  5. Check pc bios to make sure your drive is properly detected. If not clear your cmos.

Best advice is to establish a consistent baseline or control to isolate the problem or problems. If all recommendations fail, you may simply have a defective drive. Rma it when possible. I personally think this may be the case since you’ve already tried various media and their types. And bitsetting didn’t help. So this leaves us with the dvd copying software (of which you never mentioned), Benq 1620 drive, and the standalone player. Since when you had your other TDK 1612B drive doing the burning/copying with the same media you mentioned no problems there. Therefore, it is unlikely that dvd standalone player is to blame. But, just to be safe, try putting other copied dvds of various media codes and brands into this player to rule it out. Put the exact same dvds in another standalone drive if available as well. Note any discrepancies between the players. If all is well, then it is definitely a defective Benq 1620 in your possession. Rma it immediately.


Oh, if THAT method works where others fail, either the movie structure is at fault, or the standalone player is in need of replacement (for $35).


Oh, using DVDShrink, select DVDdecryptor ISO as the output. When DVDShrink finishes its reading, it will open DVDdecryptor ready to write the movie (and DVDShrink will exit.

Here’s some popular options with that method.
Turn off video previews with Shrink.
Use Shrink’s reauthor mode (see directions for Shrink).
Have DVDdecryptor Verify after burn and also have it delete the extra ISO files so that your hard drive won’t just fill up.

Have fun!

P.S. Personally, I use Shrink to create ISO files and then I use RecordNow to burn those ISO files to disc. There is only a slight increase in quality. Either method performs far better than Nero on my system.


Great additional suggestions guys! Good for future reference on my part. Thanks.