Movie Back-Up Basics



I’ve never backed up any DVD movies but have some I’d like to back-up and was interested in the basics of how it works. I have some new DVDs I just bought from the local video store so although I have no tried, I feel certain they are copy protected. I’d like to make copies that I can take to work to use for my own personal use without extreme worry about them being damaged or stolen. From what I understand, DVD Shrink is a good program to use. Do you guys agree? Can someone give me the very basics of copying? Some of my DVDs are older so probably do not have much coding to get past but I’m constantly buying new ones that I’m sure have codes/protection etc. Where do I get started? Thanks for the rookie help!


RipIt4Me + DVD Shrink is a great combination, RipIt4Me will take care of removing the copyright protections as it copies the disc to your Hard Drive, then DVD Shrink will handle shrinking the disc to fit onto one Single Layer disc (most new DVDs are Dual Layer so they need to be shrunk to fit to a Single Layer disc). You can then burn with either DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn. There are a lot of tutorials if you do an internet search - the programs aren’t difficult to use but it’s tedious to explain the entire process in a single post. Download the programs and ask here if you have specific questions.