Movie and 1 Audio stream



I have DVD Decrypter newest version and CloneDVD newest version I decrpyted all the files for the Troy DVD and I start up CloneDVD and all I want to do is copy the movie and 1 audio stream 5.1 digital I am using Verbatim 16x DVD+R 5’s I guess and the bar says 50% quality, shouldn’t it say 100 b/c all that could easily fit on the dvd right ?

edit as it was writing the files right before burn it said it had a graph that had the qualtiy of the original encoding and then it had the transcode quality for clonedvd and it was lower, why, I’m only copying the movie and 1 audio track


The movie is very long and very big. If you want higher quality, split on two discs.


ok, thanks !