[moved] YUDEN000T02 *rocks* on 1673S! Canadian sources?



Hi guys,

I bought some MIJ FujiFilm 8x DVD+R’s and they were genuine YUDEN000T02’s. Holy crap are they amazing. I burn at 6x just to be as safe as possible, and the KProbe2 scans are to die for. PI max generally under 15, and PIF max of 2, with a total of maybe around 200. Crazy.

Anyway, I didn’t unfortunately buy more than a 25-pk spindle (to test). THere was a sale at FutureShop, where it was 49.99 CAD for a 100-pk. I knew the shipment/batch was good, and I wanted to buy the 100 on top of the 25, but I was low on cash. But now I’m running out and looking for a source (it’s back up to 79.99 for the 100), but Fujifilm is basically almost impossible to find in Canada. Staples doesn’t have spindles, and BestBuy has high prices too.

HELP! Anyone know any sources in Canada? Even if it’s not MIJ Fuji, MIJ Sony (with the YUDEN000T02 code) would be good too. I take it original branded TY’s are just not gonna be in that price range though. :frowning:

Help is greatly appreciated.


Taiyo Yuden is amazing. I don’t know if this will help. I am in the US, not Canada, but I have bought TY media from http://www.rima.com

Currently, the price for a 100 pack (8x either + or -) TY media is $41 in USD. I believe that is ~ $50 in CAD. I have read on rima’s policy page that they do take orders and ship to Canada. The only question is how much would shipping be and this part:

Quoted from the policy page on rima.com

“Canadian customers should check with customs officials or with their local branch of UPS to determine the Customs fees on their imports. All customs fees are the responsibility of the customer.”

You can probably email them to find out. Hopefully this will help. Good Luck, and let us know how it goes.



www.ncix.com is a good source for Taiyo Yuden media and they ship very quickly. I believe orders over $200 have free shipping as well, within the lower mainland of BC anyway. I have had very good luck with them for a variety of products.


pls, Post Kprobe scans


Yes please post some scans! I have some of the same media code and I’m getting awful burns. Maybe bad batch or it doesn’t like the latest firmware… Very interested in seeing those scans…


Ok, well maybe they aren’t PERFECT, but they’re damn good compared to what I was getting with Sony 8x DVD-R’s.

Taiyo-Yuden: :bow:


This week Best Buy in Canada has 25 pack Fujis for $9.99. I’ve never seen them this cheap. -Rs are Prodisc, made in Taiwan but the +Rs are Tys, made in Japan


Very nice scans. After further research it looks like my TY’s are fakes made in Hong Kong. :frowning: DV Rite the offending brand. They are also selling fake TY DVD-R spindles. Awful burns in both my LiteOn and also my old 4x Pioneer…

Anyone know who sells genuine TY discs in Oz? Any brands to look out for?


Good place to shop in Canada is Blankmedia.ca , good prices and shipping is not expensive and quick … bought some TY’s and they were the real deal …
Hope this helps , btw bestbuy.ca has on sale Fuji’s dvd+r 8x for $9.99 25 pkg made
in Japan nero info YUDEN 000 T02 serial TG001159 … dvd-r pkg seen were made in Taiwan …
Hope this helps