[moved]Why scan and test?

To determine the best combination of media, burner, firmware and burn speed to produce the best possible disks.

Is this not a given?

It might seem to be a given, but it is surprising the number of people that will also burn RitekG05s or any media, do no quality testing, and think because they burned a whole spindle, with every disc playable, that they discovered something special–when in fact they’ve not discovered anything.

Of course, here in this forum, anyone can basically just wait and there’ll be users posting burn scans regularly with different burners, firmware and media; therefore, one could just compile their data and have a 90% certainty after at least 30 examples about different media, firmware, burn speeds, etc. Sure there will be some variation in individual results, depending on one’s configuration, but assuming one gets quality media in each spindle, usually there should not be a huge difference in results.

I would argue that scaning can also be used to determin if there are any significant physical flaws on any given disk…

That is once your confident in your burn stratagey and have seen it reproduce quality burns on known good media and you have some ‘benchmark’ scan for that media and drive/stratagey combination… You should be able to compare a known good scan of known good media, to scans of future media of that same type of stratagey/media combination, and most likely be able to determin if the newly burned disk’s physical propertys were as good or better then the ‘benchmark’ scan.

Does that make sense? I think it does.