[moved]Where to buy quality dvdr in canada?

Ths is my first post.

I am just wondering where to get good media in canada, I went to futureshp/best buy and mostof the brands they have are cheap. They have brands like maxell, memorex, sony , and then there is the no name brands that don’t list where they were manufactured. I usually buy memorex dvd-r but i had some problems going back and reading some of my older discs that i burned.

So i want to burn some of my more important files onto quality media, but i am not sure where to get good media.

I have a liteon 1633s dvd burner drive and i usually use nero 6 to do my burning, i try to get media with a white label side so i can just write directly on them with my marker.

Any help would be appreciated.

Well i just tested a disc i burned… here are the results.

I don’t know if the BB in Canada carries the same brand here in the US. But the my local BB carries Sony and Verbatim. Look for Sony 8X DVD+R “Made in Japan” (not DVD-R or “Made in Taiwan”) as they are Taiyo Yuden. TYs are excellent. The Verbatim 16X are MCC and are excellent media as well. Oh, by the way, set the Kprobe at 4X Read instead of Max, and you should get better scans.

Also new to this…

“I don’t know if the BB in Canada carries the same brand here in the US.”

Whats BB?

Wal-Mart sells the Sony DVD-R and the DVD+r localy … whats the “TY” mean?

I went threw 2 spools of the Sony 8X DVD-R “Made in Taiwan” And all burned well… playback is good also.

My player says it will NOT handel +Rs.

I spotted some Maxell 8X DVD+R MIJ (Made in Japan) at Futureshop and Fujifilm 8X DVD+R MIJ at Best Buy last weekend. Good buy when on sale.

BB = Best Buy. In Canada, BB more resembles Future Shop than its American parent (and that’s Not a Good Thing).

TY = Taiyo Yuden media. Many here consider it to be the best CD and DVD media out there.

The only way to be really sure of media from FutureShop is to look very carefully for the “Made In Japan” on the spindle (applies to Maxell and Fuji). You might be disappointed by certain Made in Taiwan media from Maxell and Fuji.

If you want to order from a web site, blankmedia.ca carries genuine Taiyo Yuden media for about C$0.50 per disc. If you’re out west, so does www.ncix.com

edit: I don’t mind the SONY Made in Taiwan media, but it’s far from the best you can get. The Made in Japan DVD+R SONY media is probably Taiyo Yuden, but don’t forget that SONY is an evil company. :stuck_out_tongue:

I concur. Heard good things about the MIJ Sonys (Taiyo Yuden made) and they can be had for decent prices. If you just want to avoid the hassle though, you can order unbranded Taiyo Yuden from www.blankmedia.ca

Thanks for the tips.
You all refer to +R media.
Yes my burner will work with +R, but my stand alone clearly says NO +R. And PS2 likes -R.

Am I missing a trick to fooling the player or PS2?

When I go to the local stores that carry media, and a sale is on usually all that is left on the shelf is +R.

If I could figure out what or how it is you get your standalone units (including PS2) to read +R… I think my media problems would be much less.

Never a problem to burn to the media (depending on what app I use) but PLAYBACK is my main problem.

memorex -R 16X was CRAP.
maxell -R 8X was CRAP. (strange however that a 25 cake of the 8X worked fine… 16X… CRAP)
Fuji -R 8X (made in Tiwan) was hit and miss.
I know … S0NY -R (tiwan) is the DEVIL, but they work consitanly. And at $24 Canadian for a spool of 50…seems like a deal to me.

Prior to trying any of the above I was using PRINCO 4X, but not even a year after a burn… playback … well it don’t.

Ritek -R 8X (tiwan) is also available to me, but I have not heard good things about it either.

Just want something I can depend on at a fair price.

(I had this very same problem when I 1st got into backups of PS1 … as the media speeds increased, I found myself having problems finding GOOD media at a fair cost.)

Depending on your burner you can set the booktype to DVD-ROM on DVD+R discs (both single and double layered). This helps out alot with compatibility on players and PS2s that wouldn’t read them otherwise as it reads more like a factory pressed disc. That said, it isn’t foolproof as some people still can’t get them to work no matter what they try. A quality DVD-R disc certainly is your best bet for videogame consoles. As for Maxell working fine for one spindle but not for the other, that isn’t surprising as Maxell has several different people manufacturing for them. The Made In Japan Maxells would certainly be of better quality than the made in Taiwan Maxells. You are correct to steer clear of Ritek. G05 is the new Princo.

oohay: It sounds like you have very particular needs and also need the highest quality media. I would recommend going here:


and ordering those (TYG02) discs. They are the highest quality DVD-R discs available today, and blankmedia will ship them to your door for C$0.65 per disc, and that includes delivery, PST, and GST. If your burner can’t make these work, it’s time to get another burner.

50 discs for C$22.45
Shipping C$6.00 (Ontario assumed)
PST & GST: C$4.27 (Ontario PST assumed, and GST calculated before Harper gets in)

Total: C$32.72

These look like what I have been on a quest for. Quality and a fair price.
is this the same, only the 100 spool? http://www.blankmedia.ca/proddetail3.asp?id=371

(zip (dot) ca member … )

No, those are Verbatim MCC02RG20s. Pretty good, but not really up to TYG02 standards. BTW, if you get 100, I think the shipping goes up to about C$8.

By 100-spindle, did you mean the 4X/8X ones seen here:


Those are Taiyo Yuden’s “value line”. They are probably very good, but I have seen the odd complaint about them here on CDFreaks. My feeling when ordering over the web is to order knowing in advance precisley what you’re getting and how well they will work. Like I said above, if you can’t get magnificent burns out of the TYG02s, the problem isn’t your burner! :disagree:

I am willing to spend the couple bucks extra on shipping for good media.

I am looking for 8 X -R. 100 spool.

My burner is fine, it’s my stand alone that is very picky. (and my poor choice of media in the past)

My feeling when ordering over the web is to order knowing in advance precisley what you’re getting and how well they will work.

Thats why I have turned to the forums and asked for help seeing as all that is available to me localy is CRAP.

Thanks for all the help thus far.