(moved) What to buy NEC 3520A, BenQ DW1620,LG 4163



I am a newbie to cdfreaks, so take it easy on me.

I have been reading the posts here about NEC, BenQ, LG and am now quite confused about which DVD burner to buy. I have also read reviews at Anandtech, Sharky, etc.

I want a reliable burner (quality over speed) and one that I will be able burn and playback on a standard Wal-mart shelf DVD player.

I am leaning towards the NEC 3520A, and also the Sony DDU1613 for ripping.

Would I be better off with the latest BenQ or the latest LG rather than the NEC for burning?

And for ripping is the Sony a descent one or are there better ones available at a reasonable price as the Sony at newegg is less than $26.

I read some place about a “Sheep” test, and would like one that can do at least 2 on more for ripping?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Maybe this reviews will help you :wink:

BenQ DW1620,, LG 4163, (i think the NEC 3520 is based on the Nec 3500) NEC 3500

LG: 2 Sheep writer
Benq: 1 Sheep writer

If you don’t know what sheep writers are:


3520 is NOT based on the 3500 it has different hardware. it needs much firmware work before it can be concidered a quality drive. Go for the benq 1620. It does everything well and is rather cheap. Also, it has awsome official firmware support. The ONLY thing that makes the LG standout is that it has dvd-ram support. However 99.9% of all users have no need for it. The 3500 is a cheap exellent mature drive (I own one). However, you have use hacked/modified firmware to unlock its true potential. This voids its warrentee.

edit: i guess the LG has one more thing going for it benq and nec are both one sheep burners. however, as of yet, this hasd never caused me problems on my 3500…take that for what you will.

edit: ignore my comments on the lg. i just took a quick look at the lg review. i need to read it in depth. i may have underestimated it.


well, i only said “think” :bigsmile:

i guess the LG has one more

according to the review only 1…



I use two 3500’s and they both are very reliable and quality burners - also strongly suggest using the Aopen 1648/aap DVD-rom drive for ripping as it is the fastest currently out and at a cost of $36 shipped from www.ajump.com is a reasonable choice-

Be sure to burn to quality medias like Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell-



Thanks for all the input. The only reason I was checking into the NEC3250 was because I did not see the 3500 available on newegg. I also could not find the Benq 1620 at newegg. They do however have the LG GSA-4163B.


just finished reading the review of the lg. i am very impressed!!! i must find out if it supports error checking and if their is a riplock removed version of the fw (sl limited to 10x). if so, may just be the next drive i buy…


the 1620 is being replaced with the 1620 pro (1620 can be upgraded via firmware to pro), and i believe that nec has stoped producing the 3500 in favor of the 3520.


did some reading on lg forum…

no error checking = i will never buy


That’s why I always use multiple DVD burners in each PC. :wink: LG drives and Lite-On drives have been most important of them all so far. LG for writing and Lite-On for scanning.


Ever tried to find out the market share of DVD-RAM or tried to compare it with DVD+R/-R DL or DVD-RW or DVD+RW? DVD-RAM has been on the market longer than the rest. Plextor is for a small minority. DVD-RAM is not for the priviledged. Just because you don’t know much about it, it doesn’t have be ignored by 99.9% of all users unless you meant 99.9% of all of the most prolific BenQ or NEC supporters on CDFreaks. The market share of DVD-RAM writing drives is rapidly increasing even now and it partly helps to increase the sales of higher-speed DVD-RAM media as well since it’s always drives first, media later in the ODD industry.