[moved] What Is The Best Lite-On SOHW-1213S Firmware?

Hi CD Freak People,
I Have a Lite-On SOHW-1213S Burner With Some Old Firmware From CodeGuys (Im Not Really Happy About Its Quality, Or Performance [The DVD Reads And Writes Faster Then It Should Even When It Tell It To Run At A Certain Speed]).

Im Wondering Where I Could Get My Hands On Some Good Quality Windows Or FC3 Linux(RPM Would Be Nice) Drivers With Dual Layer Option. I Dont Know Much About Firmware Hacking, So Ease Up On The Technical Words And Acronyms.

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yuo acn try either of these firmwares from codeguys
CS0P http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/1653S.CS0P.patched-cf-ledfix.rar
BYX4 http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/Sony.710A.BYX4.patched-cf-ledfix-2.rar
N.B.by the way what is your current firmware

Codeking just updated the EEPROM utility to upgrade the 1213 to 1633 so you could use all the 1633 firmware. You might try it.


Crap, I Was Hoping Some Of These Helpful Tips Would Include Linux Drivers And Software, I Shouldnt Have Mentioned “WinDOS”. :slight_smile:

FatFeel: Im Currently Using SOHW 1213S TSOD Unscrambled(If Im Not Mistaken[I Did It A Couple Months Ago So Im Unsure If I Modified It Later On])

Are The CodeGuys Any Good? Im Sure Theres Something Better, Because Im Always Getting Problems With Them. :confused:

Drivers? AFAIK, you don’t need drivers. DVD burners are standard ATAPI devices, and if your computer can talk to a CD ROM, it can talk to a DVD burner. What you need is software that can handle DVD burning. To that end, I don’t know of any; I use Linux for servers and not for burning… try this…

[google]DVD burning software for Linux[/google]

Now, are you sure you’re looking for drivers and not for firmware? The Txxx series of firmwares sucks big-time, BTW, so it’s recommended that you upgrade to either a Cxxx series or Bxxx series firmware. CS0P/BYX4 are the latest C-series firmwares (yes, BYX4 is a C-series firmware, despite its deceptive name) and BS0S is the latest B-series firmware.

Oh… :rolleyes:

Um Im Looking For Firmware (I Thought It Was The Same Thing, Silly Me)…

And No, I Got The Software For Burning:

  • NeroBurningRom NeroLINUX
  • DVDRip For Linux (Havent Yet Got All The Packages To Install Yet)

Drivers Might Help Too :smiley:

Give Me Some Links To Some Nice Driver Sites (Please)

I’m confused. You just said that you’re looking for firmware, and then you asked for drivers again. Which one are you looking for, exactly?

1/ First, regarding drivers vs. firmware, the following text is from our forum’s DVD-Writer FAQ.

Q: What exactly is firmware and how is it different from a device driver?
A: Your burning software, your operating system, and your device drivers are all software. They are all programs that reside on your computer. Your optical drive, of course, is the hardware. However, the software does not interact directly with the hardware. Windows does not directly control the motor in the drive, for example. There is an intermediate element called the firmware (it is somewhere between software and hardware, hence the name). The firmware is a piece of special software that resides on a chip inside the drive and does not reside on your computer. Thus, the firmware is always there, with the drive–you can move the drive to a different computer or wipe out your hard drive, and the firmware will still be right there. When your computer communicates with the drive, the commands are intercepted by the firmware, and it is the firmware that ultimately controls the drive’s tray, motor, laser, etc.

Needless to say, firmwares are thus OS-independent and are very very different from device drivers (it doesn’t help that most places that talk about this stuff get the two mixed up, even on the LiteOn website :rolleyes: ). The firmware for a drive hooked up to a Mac is the same as the firmware for a drive hooked up to a Solaris box or a Windows box. Now, the software to flash the firmware is not so OS-independent…

2/ I’m not 100% sure about how things work in Linux, so I may be wrong about this, but I think that you do not need drivers in Linux–all you need is the software.

3/ If you are looking for firmware (and not drivers), then you should read the FAQ of this forum.

4/ If you’re looking for recommendations for firmwares, see my previous post.

Linux Comes With Drivers, They Try And Make Them General (Sometimes Not So Good), But Not All Linux OS Come With Drivers Or Have The Specific Ones The User Requires.

If I Wanted To Ask Googles Opinion Id Have Already Done So.

I Need People To Give Me Recommendations On The Best Firmware For My Specific Burner.

(Sorry For Sounding Harsh)

the best firmware is CS0P: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/1653S.CS0P.patched-cf-ledfix.rar

it’s the newest firmware for older 3s drives.

is there a way to save the files, because they are an .rar extension

just klick on the link or right click -> save link as

sorry, i meant how would i open them, what kind of program do i need to open it?

you can unpack the archive with 7zip (freeware).
you can also use winrar, but it is shareware and will ask you for registration each time you start it.