[moved] Weird MP3 disk problem?

Ok, I have a burned MP3 cd that I play in my car player. This is the problem on two songs (so far) the player will just go to the next song. It seems to be toward the end of the song before it ‘jumps’ to the next song. Is there something (encoding) in the file that would cause this? Other mp3 cd’s I have don’t do this, just this one cd. This cd seems to play fine on the computer. The only thing that I can think of that is different about the mp3’s that are on this problem disk is that they have images in them and the others don’t. This cd was burned with Nero on a 1213@1653 with Fuji CDR (TY) 48x media if this helps any.

Another thought would the volume/gain of the mp3 make any difference?

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Any thoughts?

Surely not the right forum, but anyway:

Are the mp3s all encoded with the same bitrate ?
How long are the filenames ?

I used to have skipping on my old dvd player if namelength exceeded 16…
It just didn’t see those mp3s and skipped to the next one.

I use CD-RW for MP3 with my Car Audio System. You need to check do
your Car Player Support VBR MP3 Encoding (Mine Support). Most of my Song
are encoded with VBR-320k for better sound with only a bit larger file size compare
with 160kbps MP3. Try check your problem songs at WinAmp to see if they are
VBR or not, check also song have no problem if any are VBR. If some no problem
song are VBR. Then your car player support VBR MP3. So is the Disc problem.

I use CDRW for Car Audio like Cass. & MD. I keep re-write when there are new songs.
No problem so far. The weather I live “In Car” can high like +50C to -30C. Even So,
my Cheap CDRW never skip & can stand for this kind of Temperature!
Also, 1-2 pcs of my CDRW are re-write more than 100 times & still Rock!

I just reburned the same songs at 8x instead of 48x. I am going to see if this helps.

Well apparently it is the images that are embedded in the file. I removed the images from all the mp3’s and reburned the cd and it played fine.

Well the problem is back. It looks like it skips to the next song at about 52 seconds remaining of the current song. Does anyone know of a good software that will convert mp3’s with ID3v2 tags to ID3v1?


I’m sure there are lots of MP3 experts in the Audio Forum, that can help you, so I have moved your thread there.

ID3-TagIt can transfer ID3v2 tags to ID3v1 and the other way around. It an also remove both, which is another idea to try. Some devices may have problems with APE tags, MP3Gain can remove those.

If anyone cares, the problem was having ID3v2 tag information in the files (car player can’t handle ID3v2). Once I removed all ID3v2 info from files and reburned the disk, no problems. Thanks for the help.

All my MP3 are ID3v2’ed & 320k VBR,
My Pioneer-Premier say no problem…!

Yes, but Bird333 doesn’t have a fully MP3-compliant player.

Maybe Bird333 should post the model of his player…


So others can avoid buying it. :slight_smile: