[moved] Verbatim MCC01RG20 deteriorated after labelling

When I first burned the disks, the errors where well within acceptable limits. The 2 disks that I put DVD labels on, became unreadable after a while (a month or so) The rest without labels are fine. Is this a coincidence or can the labels damage the disks? Could it be that the standalone player (Marantz 4100 OSE) is picking up the vibration from the label and report that the disk is damaged? :confused:

Any ideas whould be appreciated. I have a Lite-On 812s drive - FW = USOQ. The blank dual layers disks are still too expensive locally so no real point in flashing to 812@832 yet.

If its sticker labels peel em off and it will work fine…

dont use sticker labels on dvds, u are right the vibration is too much

Thanks for the info - I will remove (try!) the labels and see if the standalone is happy to play them…

Using labels on a disc is veeeery bad for it. The label-makers may call it safe, but it ain’t.

Thanks code65536 for the info - what about the “printable” disks? - is it a good idea to print directly on the disk with the printers that can do this?

Don’t even attempt this :smiley:

You will need to use special “printable surface” media, made for that purpose.

Thanks Rimmer66 - the disks I am using (MCC01RG20) verbatims specifically states that it has a special “printable” surface (white surface) - do you still think it is a bad idea to print on them? Could the ink possibly damage the surface?

As long as your printer is designed for it then you should be okay.

I’m using white printables and them turn out ok.
Anybody using silver? How are the results.