[moved]Verbatim MCC004 a good brand?

Disc type: : DVD+R
Book Type : DVD-ROM
Manufacturer: : Verbatim
MID : MCC 004 (000)
Write speeds: : 12 X

QSuite settings:

WOPC: Enable(default)
Solid Burn Supported Disc: Non-Activated(default)
Solid Burn Un-Known Disc: Activated(default)
OverSpeed: Disable(default)
Test Write: Disable(default)

Is this a good brand? And why I have those spikes after 2,3 GB?
I shall burn it at 16 X and see what then happens.

Same as above only:
Write speeds: : 16 X

With Nero 7 Premium
With 12 X it takes 7 min. 49 sec.
With 16 X it takes 6 min. 36 sec.

Media: MCC004
Book Type: DVD+R
Burn Speed: 12x
Drive: LiteOn 1673s @1693 (KC4B)
Nero 7 Premium

This was the first disc out of the package. They came in a 50-spindle cake box. If I notice better results as I burn more I’ll post those.

I have been using those 004 Verb’s for a long time now, I still prefer the 8x 003’s but you have to get what you can. You know I think most all of the 16X Disc’s are the same way. I did some experimenting with several of the 16x rated DVD +R just for myself. They all performed approximately the same. Just like those 004’s you have…i have abut 50 of those myself and I seem to get a problem child about every 10th burn. I never had that out of the old Verbatim(004’s) I had the same problem out of some of the other’s.

 Oh and as a side note......if you have a liteon drive or burner, stay away from those  Verbatim CD-R's....1x-52x  they look almost like the 004's except they donut' have the AZO dye in them. Both of my Liteon's don't like these disc's at all. I should have known that since it didn't say AZO dye on the package then they would be those CMC dics's everyone was saying to avoid......too late for me.


MCC004, as Verbatim’s DVD media line of late, is sometimes variable in quality, and some burners (like LiteOn 1693s) seem to handle MCC better than other burners. Also, few people get true 16x burns on the MCC004 with excellent quality, and most end up burning the MCC004 16x media at 12x on some burners (like a BenQ1640) for better results (than burning it at 16x).