[moved] SONY DW-D22A and Overburning

I’ve searched the forum for solving overburning problem. Nothing suits me or helped me even a bit. Main problem is to overburn even just a kilobyte!! on dvds.

So this is specification: driver Sony DW-D22A. Media TDK -R (or +R the problem is the same) Single Layer. Nero

The “Enable DVD overburning” is selected and set to 4500. Choosing the driver is mentioned that the drive supports overburning. I’m creating a new compilation - not multisession. Add files, simple files (please dont advise to zip them its an overburning problem). Press burn to pop up the final checkout. “Finalize DVD (no further writting possible!” is checked and greyed out. “Write cpeed” is 8x (for this media). “Write method” Is greyed out and is selected “Disc at once” (not with /96).

Press Burn and it starts. Checks media, ask if I’m sure to overburn - OK. And after initializing it says: “Invalid field in command” and “Starting Disc at Once faild”. The disc is ejected and Done. Nothing was writed on disc, it’s still blanc.

Tryied to update firmware from ver2 to ver3 - the problem remains. CD-DVD Speed overburn test fails at begining, even not trying to write(simulate) anything.

The same problem was and for my old (and now dead) NEC 3500AG. Exactly same errors.

Tryied another 2 different brands of media, available here - the results are the same. Not saying that the media cant be overburned, it just “Invalid command”.

Will be glad to heare some helpful advises.

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IIRC your drive is a Sony “branded” Lite-On 1633S. This drive doesn’t support overburning* on any DVD media. Not even with “a kilobyte”.
Read here.

  • To my knowledge none of Sony/Lite-On DVDRW’s supports this.

I see. Thanks for help. Well, I’ll have to search for a market where are sold overburn capable dvd writers.

There is another question. How come that one full dvd is writen in about 10 mins and imediatly verified by nero in 15 and more mins. Like writing at 8x and reading ad 4x.