[moved] saving kprobe driver scan to clipboard



downloaded kprobe v2.4.2 and am just coming to grips with it,but am having trouble saving the driver info,when i click on save to clipboard nothing seems to happen i am not sure if it has saved somewhere or if i have to set up a clipboard :confused: :confused:


@ bish
If you have saved something to clipboard, then you just need to right-click where the cursor is in the document/space where you want to copy it to and select ‘paste’. The ‘clipboard’ is a basic windows program that is installed when windows is installed. Right clicking on any highlighted text/item and choosing [‘Cut’ and ‘Paste’] and [‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’] are two very common windows functions that are performed through the clipboard.


the only option it gives is save to clipboard i clicked that and then right clicked with the coursor but it will not give me the copy paste option??


@ bish
After you have ‘saved’ an item to ‘clipboard’(‘copy to clipboard’), then you go to where you want to transport the item to(the ‘target document’), THEN you right click again and choose ‘paste’. The blinking cursor in the target document marks the spot where the insertion will take place.


got it thanks a lot :bigsmile: :bigsmile: