[moved] Recognizing Blank DVD problems on my burner

I bought a BTC Emprex dual 16x double layer burner about 3 months ago and it worked great for about a month and a half or about 30 DVDs. But for some reason it just stopped recognizing blank DVDs and I’ve tried 3 different brands. I’ve updated the firmware 2 times since it stopped working and it keeps having the same problem. Does anyone have any suggestions or should I just throw this thing in the trash?

Sounds like BTC quality to me alright.

so I guess its trash time?

any other ideas?

Is it still under warranty? If so, contact their tech support and get it RMA’d. I’m on my 3rd I/OMagic re-badged 1016IM, all RMA’d for the same problem as yours - they work fine for about 50 discs and then stop recognizing them.

one problem there Tech support refuses to answer my e-mails … 4 tries with in the last month and its really starting to anger me.

Sounds like BTC customer service to me

But on a serious point you could try the drive in another computer just in case its your computers hardware setup or software is causing problems. Also update the firmware on the drive.