[moved] Question on Kprobe 2.4.2

I had a LiteOn 1633 and using Kprobe to scan disc

PI: max 10, average 1.1
PIF: max 2 , average 0.02

But i see there is a term “errors” just below “sample count”

what does the error mean??
error: 14476

is that high??

You can save the screen and upload it here.

pic here
first pic use LiteOn 6x to burn
sec pic and thrid use LitOn 8x to burn
the forth pic use BTC 1008 to burn
last pic — match the one of the forth, forget which one

Looks like you are scanning a disc that has not been properly closed. Anyway, the drive is scanning past the burned area to the blank area. That’s the green area at the end of the scan. “Error” means that the blocks were not read, which they’re not cause they’re empty. “Error” does not refer to burn quality, but to scanning errors.

I didn’t close the session on every burn
does it make any different??

Is there some reason you leave them open? An open disc will not play in some movie players, apart from that I see no problem with it.

2 reasons:
1-if the disc fail at the very begin, i still can burn it again
2-i might put more stuff to the DVD (but i don’t add normally…)

by the way, is it important to close them? (beside some movie players can’t play it)

Thank you for telling me, it really help me out