[moved] Problems with Autoplay / Media change detection :(

Hope this is in the right place.

I’ve had problems with the autoplay function intermittently working / CD media change detection being intermittent. Hard to explain but I’ll try:

First, I’m using a 166-S DVD reader, and a 1633S writer, but the same issue happened also with my 52327S, so it can’t be a hardware issue.

Problem is :

If I remove and insert another CD into a drive (assuming it already has a CD before): one of three things will happen.

  1. The new CD will “autoplay” as it should (game CD’s launch their splash screens, etc), and the new CD’s icon is updated in My Computer/explorer, and file contents are updated (obviously). <—this is what SHOULD happen.

  2. The new CD will NOT autoplay anything, AND the icon in My Computer is not updated to the new icon, either. (probably says “Dvd Drive”), but the file contents are updated. (or going to a CMD command prompt and doing DIR D: will show the current list of files), but Windows doesn’t ‘think’ a new CD has been inserted, if you know what I mean.

  3. The new CD will NOT autoplay anything, AND the icon in my computer is the same as the previous CD’s label name and icon, and the “Old” table of contents/folders/files are still visible! (the ones from the previous CD). Of course, attempting to run one of these will cause a program error or crash, as the files only exist partially in “Cache”.
    If I went to CMD.exe command prompt and typed “DIR”, I would see the entire folder/directories from the PREVIOUS CD…it doesn’t even seem like it tries to access the new CDROM, and the “REFRESH” command in explorer does nothing.

Can someone tell me what is going on ?
It usually takes several insertions and removals (of the same CD) for the folder contents to be refreshed and for autoplay to kick in.

I am using XP+SP2.

What I have tried:

  1. Autofix.exe from Microsoft. Doesn’t work-- if the autoplay does not activate during autofix’s test, it says there were problems ,but could not determine the cause. If the autoplay does kick in, it says it couldn’t find any problems).

  2. Making sure all autoplay functions and registry entries are there–they are. There are no apparent problems with the registry.

  3. Removing and reinstalling the secondary IDE adapter. (after having to rename atapi.sys, for the “Driver not intended for this platform” error, when trying to reinstall).

There are others of you who have had this exact same problem–yet no one has been able to point to a solution or a resolution for it. The “Microsoft” webpage solutions don’t apply for XP SP2 (as those ‘fixes’ were already incorporated).
Also note that this doesn’t seem to be an AUTOPLAY problem by itself, just that Media change notification doesn’t seem to be functioning all the time.

Here’s another way to explain this:

1 CD has a certain TOC (table of contents).
Remove the CD Totally, type “DIR” in command prompt or click in Windows Explorer, you get “Device not ready” or “please insert a cd into drive X”. Insert a new CD, and SOMETIMES The OLD contents are still there, with all the old file names and the OLD CD label, SOMETIMES the new contents are there (but there is NO new icon or CD label), and sometimes the new contents are there, with a new icon and cd label== autoplay then works).

The old icon/cd label is supposed to be removed and change to " DVD drive" when you remove a CD. Sometimes this doesn’t happen.

I really hope someone here can help. I’ve wasted several afternoons (in fact, entire DAYS), trying to fix this problem. Please remember this is may or may not, be an ‘autoplay’ problem–it seems more to do with the system detecting media change. But I dont know.

No, I don’t know when it started. I know it didn’t happen when I had XP+SP1, but I don’t know exactly when it started.

It does NOT affect virtual drives! Virtual drives (Like in Daemon Tools) behave exactly as they should-- Insert an image, Icon is updated, autorun works, all file contents updated; Unmount an image, icon changes to “DVD Drive”.

Anyway, if you read all the way here, cheers. I really hope someone who has had this problem before, and resolved it, can help.

Please remember : ALL my autoplay settings are correct ! And why would it take 2-3-4 insertions/removals before a new CD is completely detected ?!?!

Is this some sort of “CACHE” (windows) issue?

Please help, if you can

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Hmm…no replies… i didnt think I’d get a reply from anyone :frowning:

(Not even sure if this is in the right forum since this deals with burning software).

Problem was solved though— removed BLINDWRITE 4.57, and everything works again. So it was blindwrite causing all the problems (and I’m not the only one who had it).

Hi Falkentyne I had a similar problem with my dvd rom (D) drive, it turned out to be a contamination from my camera software, which had somehow got itself installed as a Generic 2nd burner the (E) burner drive was unaffected.
I installed this program and re-established the (D) drive… http://www.dvdinfopro.com/

Hope this helps Mik